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Ocho Rios Jamaica: Where (Hotels) to stay/What to do?

Come Visit “Ocho Rios” Jamaica Mon!

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Where to Stay? What to do? in Ocho Rios Jamaica…

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I Spent 1 Year in Jamaica

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Hey Guys, first off I want to tell you that I spent  a year in Jamaica. It was  the best thing I ever did for my life. I had the time of my life and I actually felt “more alive” in Jamaica than I did the whole time I was in Canada. I think its because in Jamaica “anything goes” and the weather just makes you enjoy life, food and music more.

My Favorite Place Was Ocho Rios


So one of my favorite places to see and visit, was Ocho Rios, Jamaica. It reminded me of Canada, but only with the Caribbean experience. Everything was clean, the streets were nice, shopping was out of this world, the people were so friendly. Many Jamaican people went there to look for work. The Fast food was amazing. In Ocho Rios I didnt miss or need, or lack anything, that I would normally have in Canada. Great Jamaican Vibes. So I want to share some of my knowledge with you.  This Article will address…. where to stay and things to do in Ocho Rios Jamaica for all Budgets. From $38/night to $867/night. Hope you enjoy the list. I have linked the names to the respective websites. If there was no website I tried to link to a website with “nuff” information for you . Blessed.

Things to Do in Ocho Rios Jamaica

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Jaital Dunns River Run

Duration: Approx. 2 hrs. | From: $29.99 USD

Discover Irie Blue Hole and Secret Falls

Duration: Approx. 2 hrs. 20 min. | From: $35 USD

Zip Line and Dunns River Falls

Duration: Approx. 5 hrs. | From: $75 USD

Beach Heritage Horseback Ride

Duration: Approx. 3 hrs. | From: $76 USD

Kingston City Tour & Bob Marley Museum

Duration: Approx. 6 hrs. | From: $92.99 USD

White Water Rafting & Beach Bar

Duration: Approx. 4 hrs. | From: $66 USD

Beach Heritage Horseback Ride

Duration: Approx. 3 hrs. | From: $76 USD

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10 Foods of JamaicaMontego Bay Tourist Review

8 Tips to Kiss a JamaicanLearn to Speak Jamaican

Hotels/Hostels  in Ocho Rios Jamaica  (“Yeah Mon!”)


Reggae Hostel Ocho Rios

(has one of the best ratings on the net)

$38/night (great for backpackers)

4.3 stars
3.1 stars
3.8 · 2-star hotel
Unpretentious lodging offering a garden, a basic outdoor pool & an informal bar.

Village Hotel

– $99

3.0 · 3-star hotel
3.3 · 3-star hotel
Low-key option offering a restaurant & a bar, as well as an outdoor pool & BBQ facilities.
3.4 · 2-star hotel
Unassuming lodging offering apartments with kitchens or kitchenettes, plus an outdoor pool.

Hibiscus Lodge 

4.2 · 3-star hotel
Unpretentious rooms with views, plus an outdoor pool & a restaurant with an oceanfront patio.

Jamaica Inn


4.3 · 5-star hotel
Chic spa lodging on tropical grounds with a beach, an outdoor pool and an open-air restaurant.

Moon Palace Jamaica Grande

4.2 · 4-star hotel
Upscale all-inclusive resort offering a beach, 5 restaurants & 6 bars, plus a gym, 4 pools & a spa.
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10 Interesting Foods of Jamaica

I hope you enjoy this Article about 10 Interesting Foods of Jamaica…..

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  1. Jamaican Ackee: Our very own national fruit ackee, is not only a good source of protein,download but truly delicious. It is essential to wait until the pod has opened before eating it, otherwise the results aren’t totally pleasurable. Ackee is mainly eaten with salt fish, or rice. Its yellow and looks kind of like scrambled eggs.
  2. Jamaican Breadfruit: One of the most versatile and jamaican fried-fish-and-breadfruitdelicious fruits around, the exotic breadfruit actually tastes of bread. Whether you roast or boil it, you’ll enjoy a potato-like consistency, and the sweet taste of All Right. It kind of reminds me of french fries but in a bread. It is great with some salt and butter. Goes great with fried fish.
  3. Jamaican Callaloo: A breakfast staple, callaloo is a very nutritious plant, noted as a rich download (1)source of vitamins and minerals. This leafy green vegetable is commonly served steamed and tastes similar to that of spinach, but not quite as bitter. Its high in Iron, so it is good for women after they have given birth or post menstruation to build the blood back up.
  4. Guinep: Guineps appear as a cluster of drupes (similar to grapes), with a thin layer of green skin which, when bitten, reveals an orange hued gelatin flesh. The tart like taste is quite addictive, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself consuming the whole bunch! Be careful though, the juice from this fruit can cause stains. Guineps are loved by children. jamaican june plum
  5. Jamaican June Plum: A wonderful source of iron and protein, the June Plum is both juicy and sour. Sometimes a dash of salt is used to give the fruit an explosive flavor. Its great for making fresh June Plum Juice.
  6. Jamaican Coco: A treat in soups and breads, the Jamaican coco has a creamy, comforting taste. With big spade shaped leaves, it takes close to a year to mature. But we think it’s worth it.jamaican ethiopian -apple
  7. Otaheite Apple (Cocoplum): The refreshing, Otaheite apple is a burst of balanced sweetness. Its deep crimson red skin coats its crisp white flesh, in a pear-like shape. This fruit is noted as being a good way to hydrate and has even been used for treating diabetes and other maladies. Some People call it Ethiopian Apple
  8. Jamaican Star Apple: This luscious fruit appears in variations of dark purple to green with jamaican star applea soft pulp flesh core. Jamaicans often refer to the star apple as the “mean” fruit as they never fall from their stems even after they’ve ripened. Still, the star apple offers a generous helping of sweet satisfaction, though you should try to avoid the skin as it can be rather bitter. The pulp was traditionally used with sweetened milk to make a dessert called ‘matrimony’.
  9. Jamaican Sweetsop: Nestled inside the lumpy green outer-layer of this fruit is an aromatic jamaican sweet sopand sweet custard-like pulp. The sweet sop is a very good dessert or breakfast fruit and is an excellent source of vitamin C and manganese.
  10. Jamaican Sour Orange: Also known as bitter or Seville orange, this citrus is usually enjoyed by locals as an alternative to lemons and makes refreshing lemonade. Though many have found the fruit too unpalatable to be consumed straight from the tree, the sour orange is very useful for making marmalade and flavoring for baking, cooking and even liqueur. Its great to eat on a hot day as a refresher.
  11. Jamaican Tangerine: The second best thing about a Jamaican tangerinjamaican tangerinee is how easily they can be peeled. The first would have to be the delicious sweet flesh you’ll come to discover. The carpals (sections) come apart with ease, making the feasting of this fruit even more gratifying. Best enjoyed freshly picked, they can also be added to salads or desserts for a sweet and tarty zest.

Thanks to visit jamaica.com for the list.

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