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Jamaican Women: 21 things about dating a Jamaican woman

Ok guys so my new ebook “Jamaican Women” 21 things about dating a Jamaican woman. is out now. Try the first bit.


Jamaican Women
21 things about dating a Jamaican woman

jamaican women

Empress Yuajah

This book is way over due. I am sorry to the people who searched for it and could not find it. So many things were happening at the time. I apologize. Please enjoy this eBook about Jamaican women. Check out some of my other work on Rasta Way of Life and Jamaican Culture.

eBooks by Empress Yuajah

1. “Rasta way of life” – Rastafari Livity Book
2. “White Rastafarianism” – How to become a white Rasta
3. “10 Jamaica vacation warnings” – The truth about the “other side” of Jamaica. A quick FYI foreigners visit Jamaica.
4. “Jamaican men: 21 things about dating Jamaican men” – Learn the truth about dating a Jamaican man living in Jamaica

Understanding Jamaican women and Culture

jamaican womanA Jamaican woman is different than any other woman. We have our minds set! We know what we want and what we don’t want! Jamaicans in general, don’t really believe in pretending to make others happy. We are not raised like that. Some find our way of living and thinking “harsh” but the truth is a Jamaican woman’s heart is soft as a Kitten…but wait, you will only see that side, once she has decided and realized on her own in her own time, that she does indeed love you. Until then things may be a little rough and tough.
A Jamaican woman’s mind set
You are probably a man who is not Jamaican. But, perhaps you have a crush on a Jamaican woman, or perhaps you are dating a Jamaican woman and want to learn a little bit more about her mind set and her way of life. I will do the best I can to explain things to you so that you close this book feeling as if you have just been the mind of a Jamaican woman. I have written for you “Jamaican Women: 21 things about dating a Jamaican woman.” Enjoy!
#1 She wears the pants
Jamaican women are taught from they are very young, to stand strong and don’t let anybody or anything defeat them in life. In most Jamaican households the woman wears the pants. This position is passed down from generation to generation, and from household to household. This ultimately means that the woman has the final say. The head woman is the most vocal, and the one who bosses everybody else around including children and husband. Just so you know. Jamaican women tend to be loud and aggressive when it comes to ruling and taking care of their household and their family. Anything less is seen as weak.
#2 The “Dutty” Jamaican gal
In Jamaican culture a woman who can physically fight and win, is seen as sort of a heroin, strong, and not weak. In Jamaican culture, coming to blows is normal just so you know. These types of Jamaican women are often known as dirty Jamaican Gal. These are the types, who fight with other girls, sometimes fight with men, who swear, who have no self respect, who have multiple baby fathers, who will say anything just to get what they want. You will know if you are presently dating a Dutty Jamaican Gal.
#3 The Bible believers
There are some Jamaican people who are very serious about God. Back in the day Jamaica used to be a very religious place. Now, those who are hard core Christians are considered out dated in a sense. A Jamaican woman, who loves God and leans on the lord for all situations, will have a lot to teach you about life and God. These types of Jamaican women tend to be more trust worthy because they often feel that for all that they do and do not do, they will be held accountable by the Almighty creator. These Jamaican women tend to be slow to be intimate, and believe in marriage and family. They also tend to read their bible at night and in the morning religiously. No pun intended.
#4 Your Dinning Etiquette
how to cook for a jamaicanI once went on a first date with a guy. Just the way he ate his food and decided that it was ok to leave rib sauce surrounding his mouth until he was completely finished his meal (with me sitting across the table) ….really pissed off, and turned me off. I knew that was going to be not only our first date, but our last. Uncleanliness especially while eating is something that many Jamaican people will not tolerate. Jamaican people have major cleaning “issues” for lack of a better word. We are not changing anytime soon.
Please when you dine with your Jamaican woman, be sure your fingers and your face are clean. Eat and then clean your mouth and fingers as needed. That is how we do it, and that is exactly what we expect. Also if your Jamaican woman has something on her face while she is eating, it is your responsibility as her King in Jamaican Culture for you to tell her….we take offense if you don’t do it….Just so you know.

#5 Her Kissing Vows – Fresh Breath! – Jamaican people have a big jamaican love“thing” about fresh breath. Be sure when you try to kiss your Jamaican, your breath is very fresh. Use tooth paste to brush your teeth, and chew some gum just before or spray some breath spray.
Daily Hygiene – Jamaicans take proper daily hygiene practices very seriously. If a Jamaican man or a Jamaican woman suspects that you do not practice proper hygiene, such as daily showering etc. trust me Nelly…they will not kiss you! So, be sure you shower every day, wear deodorant and do your laundry regularly. No weird gross odors emanating from your body.
Monogamy – Jamaicans don’t like to think for one second you are “sharing your mouth” with others, and that now you are attempting to “swap” those germs with them through a kiss? No! So, demonstrate that you are the monogamous type, by dating only them if you want a Jamaican to kiss you. Read the rest of “Jamaican women: 21 things about dating a Jamaican woman”

jamaican women

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Jamaicans Dating white women & White men

Jamaicans are dating white men, and dating White women in large numbers. I think its beautiful! Our planet needs more inter-culture mingling. It calms ignorance, and lessens the possibility for hatred, prejudice and Racism.

Jamaican men & white women dating

A lot of Jamaican men are dating white women. I think they look beautiful as a couple and compliment eachother. People are vacationing more than ever now…so lots of white women and Jamaican men are having the opportunity to meet…

Why do Jamaican men date White Women!

Some People ask me, Why do Jamaican men date White Women?
Jamaican men date white women, because they find them attractive, fun to hang out with, and they like the chemistry that they have with white women. Thats it! Besides its not bodys’ business who are person is dating especially if you don’t know them.

Jamaican women & white men dating

black women white men

Lots of Jamaican Women are dating White men also. It works both ways. Some say there are 2 main reasons for this.
#1 Jamaican Black men are not really dating Jamaican black women any more, so there are a lot of Single Jamaican Black women living in Jamaica, and in the West.
#2 A lot of White men are very attracted to Jamaican women, so they fall in love.

White men are nice to Jamaican women
white men are very affecitone towards Jamaican Women
White men appreciate the curves and shape of the Jamaican Woman
White men are Physically and emotionally gentle and King to Jamaican Black Women

I love Jamaican men…

white women jamaican men

Perhaps you are a white woman who has thought to yourself, “I love Jamaican men,” where can I find one to date? Well, you can post a personals ad on “Jamaican Love.” A lot of Black Jamaican men want to meet and marry white women. Place my personals ad on Jamaicanlove.org now

Do Jamaican men like american women?

Yes Jamaican men do like American women very much! Jamaican men like women of all nationalities, black american women, white american women, Asian American Women. The reason is that, in Jamaica a lot of the men see a “foreign woman as being “special” so, they dream of dating and settling down with an American woman. Also in Jamaica we have people who are Jamaican of various nations. Join Jamaicanlove.org and share your personals ad with Jamaican men living in Jamaica, and the US.

Meet Jamaican Singles UK, Canada, US?

jamaican love
Meet Jamaican men, or meet Jamaican women. If you are a Jamaican, create your sinlge ad to meet a white woman or a white man today.

Post your Personals Ad on Jamaican Love!

Jamaicanlove.org Jamaicans mingle with those who Love them.

Foreign Women and the Jamaican man (part 4)

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Young Affectionate Couple Relaxing on Beach

Foreign Women & the Jamaican Man

Do Jamaican men use White women?

The answer to this question is “Yes! Some Jamaican men do use some white women.” However this is more prevalent in Jamaica. Not all Jamaican men use every white woman. Don’t misunderstand. There are Jamaican men, and white women, who are involved in very loving, healthy long-term, and happy relationships. Then there are those whose relationships are based on other things.

White women are known in Jamaica for giving the men money….these are just some ideas why they may be doing it.
I believe there are many ways to look at this.

  • Perhaps some white women are a little more generous with money while on vacation than women of other cultural backgrounds and therefore have built up a reputation, in Jamaica of being “easy to get money from.”
  • Perhaps some white women who give Jamaican men money are just trying to be helpful. They understand that there aren’t many jobs in Jamaica.
  • Perhaps some white women want a Jamaican man so badly that they are willing to give him money to have him stick around. I empathize with this because in western society, I know it can be somewhat difficult just to strike up a conversation with someone, whereas when you go to Jamaica, you can easily have 5 beautiful men by your side, as a woman from abroad, at any given time.
  • Perhaps some white women who visit Jamaica have the money and don’t mind sharing their wealth with their Jamaican Man.

If White women are giving Jamaican men money, it is not my affair; If they are happy together and enjoying life, then they are just a like any other happy couple to me.
Do Jamaican Men use Black Women too?

Do Jamaican men use Black Women too? The answer is yes of course they do! If a Jamaican man wants to, “he can charm the birds out of the trees.” Jamaican men using women does not only apply to white women.

How women from abroad are seen by men in Jamaica

As money Bags…
Some Jamaicans see women from abroad as having a ton of money. This is probably due to the fact that when many women from Abroad visit Jamaica they are spending money that has been saved for the trip to Jamaica. So maybe foreign women are seen as money bags just because they have a lot of money to spend when on vacation.

Seen As something Exotic…
Some Jamaican men living  in Jamaica see foreign women as something exotic. I guess it makes sense. Just the same as when an English man visits the United States, many women will find his accent sexy. Women from abroad have a different way of thinking. Perhaps expressing herself and with a foreign accent; may be quite sexually appealing, to a Jamaican man.

As Sex Crazed!
Again Sex tourism is a Reality in Jamaica. Many women visit Jamaica to have sex with Jamaican men, can you blame them? So, many of the men in Jamaica just assume that many foreign women are “easy to get into bed” because so many of them who visit Jamaica are easy to get into bed! If you are a foreign woman who visits Jamaica not looking for sex, you will soon become one before your trip has ended, believe me.

As Special…
I told one guy I was getting to know, when I was down in Jamaica, that he only wanted to talk to me because I was different from him. He immediately corrected me by saying, “no special.” Hey, if Jamaican men want to call me “special”, I’ll take it!

White Women Worshiped?
I am told that white women from abroad are worshiped by the black men in Jamaica. I could see how it could be true. Living in North America, I do come across a lot of Jamaican black men, involved in long term relationships with White women.


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3 Things a Jamaican man must have (part 3)


3 Things a Jamaican man must have!

Jamaican men Characteristics – my 7 tips for becoming a new Rastafari

List of 10 things Jamaican men like a a woman – 10 Best Jamaican food dishes

jamaican men-

A Jamaican man will need these things to a greater or lesser degree, but generally speaking these are 3 things every Jamaican man needs. If he doesn’t have these things…he might become irritated and irrational.

#1 Good Jamaican Food to eat for his body

Good Healthy Jamaican Food is a very important part of a Jamaican man’s best jamaican foodhappiness and health. Without his home cooked Jamaican fuel, He may become cranky and complain of feeling “weak.”. A Jamaican man operates best when he can rest assured he can hang with the other men and know he’s got the strength and stamina that he should as a true Jamaican Warrior. To keep his health at its prime he will need to regularly eat healthy hearty good Jamaican Food.

#2 Intimate time with his woman

jamaican loveGood Healthy Intimate time is at the top of the List for any virile Jamaican man. A Jamaican man likes to feel that he can make a woman happy with his manhood. He also needs to have s*x to balance his mind and make him feel relaxed. Many Jamaican men need to have lots of (relatively speaking) s*x because he somehow feels that having s*x validates him as a man. Not only that, Jamaican men and a woman are like “hand in glove.” A Jamaican man loves the attention and affections of females. This may be the reason why it is so commonly known that many Jamaican men (who live in Jamaica) tend to have “a woman on the side.”

#3 Time with buddies for laughter and reasoning

Many Jamaican men love their time with their male friends. They like to play jamaican men with friendsdominos, sip on some Guinness or some Heineken, and just shoot the breeze. If you want your Jamaican man to be happy, to spend time with his buddies is a must. He may come home late, and “red out” from smoking some good Marijuana, or drunk from all the drinking, but just know, his behavior is normal. The truth is, many Jamaican men, really are just a ” little boy” at heart.

21 things about dating a jamaican man

things jamaican men like in a womanRead my Jamaican men Characteristics, and my How to cook for a Jamaican man

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