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New Jamaican Visa Requirements for Canada (March 2016)

So I started doing some research cause I was thinking of Bringing my lovely husband to Canada. Here is what I found out. It sounds like Babylon to me.

Traveling from Jamaica as  a Jamaican

on a visitors visa  new Requirements

visitors visa jamaica to canada

Based on your selections, you need to give your biometric information (fingerprints and photograph) if you plan to come to Canada.You must give this information if you are applying for a visitor visa, a study permit or a work permit.

If you have more than one passport

You must use the same passport or travel document for the entire application process. For instance, the passport you use for your visa application must be the same one you use when you give your biometric information at a Visa Application Centre (VAC) or an Application Service Centre (ASC) in the U.S.


If you have already submitted your application

If you would like to change the nationality on your application, you will need to:

withdraw your application by contacting the visa office responsible for your country or territory.
submit a new application and pay the applicable fees.
Note: If you gave your biometric information before you withdraw your application, the biometric fee will not be refunded.

Give your fingerprints and photograph

Giving your fingerprints and photograph is a safe, fast and clean process that only takes about five minutes to complete. An operator will take a digital photograph of your face and ask you to put your fingers on a glass screen to be scanned. You can find out more about how to give your fingerprints and photograph from this video.


whats next?

iris-scan (1)

If you apply for visa online

IRCC will send you a biometric instruction letter by email through your MyCIC account when we receive your application.

Follow the instructions in the letter. Print a copy of the letter and bring it along with your passport or other travel document when you go to the biometric collection centre.

See the Biometric collection centre points table to find out where to go.

If you apply in person at a Visa Application Centre (VAC)

Give your biometrics when you submit your application. Before taking your fingerprints and photograph, the VAC staff will make sure that your application is complete and confirm that you have paid the correct fees.

jamaican women

If you apply from within the United States

You can apply online or to the VAC in New York or California. Do not send mail to a Canadian visa office in the US.

CIC will send you a biometric instruction letter by mail or by email through your MyCIC account when we receive your application. Follow the instructions in the letter. Print a copy and bring it along with your passport or travel document when you go to the biometric collection centre.

Go to a VAC in New York or California, or go to an Application Support Center (ASC) between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to give your biometrics. You do not need to make an appointment.

Go to the ASC closest to the zip code you gave on your application.

Your $85 CAD biometric fee covers the cost of having your biometrics taken at the ASC.

NOTE: ASCs do not accept immigrant or temporary resident applications and cannot provide information or application handling services.

Paying  the visa application bio-metric fee

You can pay both your biometric and application fee at the same time.The biometric fee is $85 CAD per person.
Families pay a maximum of $170 CAD when all family members submit their application together at the same time and place.
Groups of three or more performing artists and their staff pay a maximum of $255 CAD when their applications are submitted at the same time and place.

Find out how to pay and the methods of payment accepted by Canadian visa offices. Make sure you pay the correct fees to avoid any delays in processing your application.VAC application services included in the biometric fee

If you submit your application in person at a VAC, the biometric fee includes the cost of collecting your biometrics and handling your application. The VAC staff will make sure your application is complete, send it to the visa office and let you know when your passport or travel document is returned.

List of exemptions for biometrics
You do not need to give biometrics if you are:

  1. 13 years old and under
  2. 80 years old and over
  3. a diplomat, a consular officer, a representative or official of:
  4. a country
    the United Nations or any of its agencies
    any intergovernmental organization where Canada has a membership who is travelling to Canada on official business (accompanying family members are also exempt)
    applying for a transit visa through Canada for less than 48 hours going directly to or from the United States and you hold a valid US entry visa
  5. in Canada as a student or worker and eligible to apply for a temporary resident visa to study or to work
    Reduce processing delays
  • To minimize the delays in processing your application:

  • Apply online or in person at a VAC. Do not mail your application.
  • Pay both the application and biometric fees when you submit your application.
  • Give your biometrics at the same time as you apply at a VAC or within a few days of getting your biometric instruction letter.
  • Consider travel time when planning if you need to go to a VAC or Application Support Center (ASC).
  • Make sure that all family members who are applying for a visa go together to the same VAC or ASC to give biometrics.
  • If you have a temporary injury or decoration (such as henna) on your face or hands, wait until the injury has healed or the decoration has completely faded before you give your biometrics.
  • A temporary injury or medical condition is one that will likely heal or improve over time, and can include:
bandaged face or fingers due to minor cuts or burns,
rashes, and other temporary skin conditions.

If you have a permanent injury or condition on your face or hands, go to a VAC or ASC to have your photograph and any available fingerprints taken. A permanent injury or medical condition is one that will not heal or improve over time. Bring any documentation you have about your condition.
NOTE: If you are about to reach your 80th birthday, VACs cannot collect biometrics from applicants 80 years of age and over. If you are 79 years old when you submit your application but will turn 80 before you give your biometrics, you must contact your Canadian visa office to make arrangements to have your biometrics collected there. If you are in the United States, you can still give your biometrics at the nearest ASC.

Arriving in Canada from Jamaica

When you arrive in Canada, a border services officer will use your biometrics to verify that you are the same person who received the visa.

Find out more about what to expect when you arrive in Canada.

Your privacy will be protected

Your fingerprints, photograph, and the personal information you gave in your application will be handled in line with Canada’s privacy laws.

Your personal information will be kept safe. Your biometric information will be encrypted and sent by a secure connection to the Government of Canada and stored in a secure database. It will then be deleted from the VAC or ASC computer system. The staff at VACs and ASCs will not have access to your biometric information.

Find out more about the use and storage of your personal information.

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How to Get a Jamaican Girl to Marry you!

Give thanks and praises to the Most High.

This blog post was requested. So, I figured why not…sounds like fun. Here are 10 Tips to get a Jamaican Girl to Marry you!

#1 Potential Prospects?

If you want a Jamaican Girl to Marry You, you will have to ask her if any other men have asked for her hand in marriage in the last 30 days…in the last year? WE are hoping the answer is no.

happy new wed interracial couple in wedding mood

#2 Show her you clean up after your self

In Jamaican Culture both the men and the women are taught how to be equally clean. Men learn when they are little boys how to do the dishes, do the laundry and sweep and wash the floors. Show your Jamaican lady, that you know how to contribute…and keep a household clean.

#3 Shower Daily…

I know it sounds obvious to some…but hygiene is a VERY important part of Jamaican Culture. If you do not shower daily…your Jamaican woman may be talking badly behind your back about how she could never be with you because you are “Dutty!” Be sure to shower, brush your teeth and wear deodorant daily…I’m just saying.

#4 Never say no…

Never say “no” when she asks you for money…Jamaican women need money to do things like hair, nails, buy groceries, send money to family back home, etc. She may be in between Jobs, or looking after a family member back home. If your Jamaican woman asks you to help her out financially, never say no, simply say “I don’t have it right now.” Then, tell her when you can help her out…This is exactly how a Jamaican man treats a Jamaican woman, in this situation.

#5 Don’t try to change her….just accept her the way she is.

In Jamaican culture we don’t try to Change someone unless their behavior is extreme. Typically we accept people as they are and work around their idiosyncrasies.

#6 Give her space…

Jamaican women need their space…other wise we get Cranky. If you are in the same home, and she pulls away to go and read, or sit on the porch, don’t follow her. Just allow her 1- 2 hours to come around. Jamaican people are wired like this…its quite normal for us, to be a little distant in our relationships, at times.

#7 Engagement Ring Shopping…let her pick!

Want to get a Jamaican Girl to Marry you? Why not take her shopping just to “try on” some engagement Rings….Just tell her you want to do it for fun…. This is a great way to find out her ring size, and let her choose what style of ring she likes. Smart huh?

#8 Show your Strength & Independence

Make sure you have your sh..tuff.. together…Jamaican women like a man that is strong and independent. The reason is many Jamaican women have to carry the load of family, children, Sisters children etc. on their backs. Show your Jamaican Empress, that you have her back, because you have yourself together, and are not going to put another load on her back.

#9 A simple Touch…goes a long way

Hold her hand when the two of you are alone. I know it sounds silly, but Jamaicans are not well known for showing affection. Show your Jamaican Woman that you care for her, simply by holding her jamaican woman marry white manhand when you two are alone. This will help her to think of you as someone who is gentle, and someone who cares, and someone who is worthy of Marriage.

#10 Special Proposal Day…Somewhere new…

jamaican woman white man3On Proposal Day…take her somewhere you have never taken her before…so she doesnt expect anything…then when you are feeling good and ready…take out the engagement ring she said she liked…and ask her…”will you marry me?”

Jamaican women are very faithful, very strong, and will do anything to support and uplift their man. I hope these tips work.
Thanks for reading. Blessed. Jah.

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