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How to Get a Jamaican Girl to Marry you!

Give thanks and praises to the Most High.

This blog post was requested. So, I figured why not…sounds like fun. Here are 10 Tips to get a Jamaican Girl to Marry you!

#1 Potential Prospects?

If you want a Jamaican Girl to Marry You, you will have to ask her if any other men have asked for her hand in marriage in the last 30 days…in the last year? WE are hoping the answer is no.

happy new wed interracial couple in wedding mood

#2 Show her you clean up after your self

In Jamaican Culture both the men and the women are taught how to be equally clean. Men learn when they are little boys how to do the dishes, do the laundry and sweep and wash the floors. Show your Jamaican lady, that you know how to contribute…and keep a household clean.

#3 Shower Daily…

I know it sounds obvious to some…but hygiene is a VERY important part of Jamaican Culture. If you do not shower daily…your Jamaican woman may be talking badly behind your back about how she could never be with you because you are “Dutty!” Be sure to shower, brush your teeth and wear deodorant daily…I’m just saying.

#4 Never say no…

Never say “no” when she asks you for money…Jamaican women need money to do things like hair, nails, buy groceries, send money to family back home, etc. She may be in between Jobs, or looking after a family member back home. If your Jamaican woman asks you to help her out financially, never say no, simply say “I don’t have it right now.” Then, tell her when you can help her out…This is exactly how a Jamaican man treats a Jamaican woman, in this situation.

#5 Don’t try to change her….just accept her the way she is.

In Jamaican culture we don’t try to Change someone unless their behavior is extreme. Typically we accept people as they are and work around their idiosyncrasies.

#6 Give her space…

Jamaican women need their space…other wise we get Cranky. If you are in the same home, and she pulls away to go and read, or sit on the porch, don’t follow her. Just allow her 1- 2 hours to come around. Jamaican people are wired like this…its quite normal for us, to be a little distant in our relationships, at times.

#7 Engagement Ring Shopping…let her pick!

Want to get a Jamaican Girl to Marry you? Why not take her shopping just to “try on” some engagement Rings….Just tell her you want to do it for fun…. This is a great way to find out her ring size, and let her choose what style of ring she likes. Smart huh?

#8 Show your Strength & Independence

Make sure you have your sh..tuff.. together…Jamaican women like a man that is strong and independent. The reason is many Jamaican women have to carry the load of family, children, Sisters children etc. on their backs. Show your Jamaican Empress, that you have her back, because you have yourself together, and are not going to put another load on her back.

#9 A simple Touch…goes a long way

Hold her hand when the two of you are alone. I know it sounds silly, but Jamaicans are not well known for showing affection. Show your Jamaican Woman that you care for her, simply by holding her jamaican woman marry white manhand when you two are alone. This will help her to think of you as someone who is gentle, and someone who cares, and someone who is worthy of Marriage.

#10 Special Proposal Day…Somewhere new…

jamaican woman white man3On Proposal Day…take her somewhere you have never taken her before…so she doesnt expect anything…then when you are feeling good and ready…take out the engagement ring she said she liked…and ask her…”will you marry me?”

Jamaican women are very faithful, very strong, and will do anything to support and uplift their man. I hope these tips work.
Thanks for reading. Blessed. Jah.

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8 tips on dating a Jamaican man

  1. Show Respect to for his MotherIn Jamaican Culture respect for the mans Mother is so important. Never be disrespectful, always say “hi,” when you enter her home and make sure to say “bye” when you are leaving. Be sure to buy her a card for her birthday and Mothers day, otherwise you will be considered “rude” and “disrespectful.” Just so you know. If you do these things, you will be praised, and ask about.
  2. Don’t share too much personal information right awaySome jamaican man white womanJamaican men have Negative motives for why they may want your personal information. Just take your time with your stats. If I were you I would just lie to him for the first 3 months, and see where the relationship is going first. I am talking about your real last name, date of birth, and your address. Just take your time. If you were meant to be together you will be together 6 months from now.
  3. Make sure he is sincere – A Jamaican man may take an interest in your for any number of reasons. Only time will tell if he is really interested in your or something you can provide for him. Just keep it in the back of your mind that he may not be sincere, and remember that some Jamaican men love like children…in the moment, loving who ever is around. Just so you know. Read how to become a rasta. 
  4. Give him his space! – This is very important in Jamaican Culture. If you do not give a Jamaican man his space, he can become irritable. You may find him swearing at you and not showing you love, pulling away rather than closer. He just needs his own space and time alone. Many Jamaican women are like this too. Its nothing personal.jamaican-men
  5. Always keep your body fresh & clean! – Wash your a*s please! Jamaican men do not tolerate “dirtyness.”I know certain cultures don’t take it so serious, but to a Jamaican man, cleanliness is well, as they say, “next to Godliness.” Make sure you shower everyday and wash those creases! Yes I said it…creases!
  6. Don’t take his sh*t! – Don’t take crap from him. In fact if your Jamaican man starts dishing out trash talk early, or physical abuse, leave him..! It’s a downward spiral from there…trust me!
  7. Don’t be baby mama #4 – Many women fall so head over heals in love with their Jamaican guy that they think they are somehow different from baby Mama number 3,2, and 1. They think they can change him…they think, I am better than they were…stop kidding your self. Take some time, if he is really meant to be your man, he will be there with our without you becoming baby mama Number 4.
  8. Don’t assume you are “special…” – Just because he has sex with you, introduces you to his Mom, and tells you how much he wants to be with you, don’t assume you are special. A lot of women who are unfamiliar with Jamaican Culture, assume that these things mean you are special. A Jamaican man knows what to say to women, They are blessed in this sense. Take time, test him, know for sure you are special on his list, by how he treats you, is he patient with you? Will he do anything you ask of him? Test him to know!

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10 Things Jamaicans Love!

reggae musicGood Reggae Music

Every Jamaican loves some good Reggae music. If they are Rasta then they will enjoy Rastafari Reggae Music. Many Jamaican love…Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh Music etc. We grew up listening to it… Its pretty much in our blood.

To Be at Home
A lot of Jamaicans like being at home. Why not? Its the place where most people feel comfortable right? Jamaican love to come home after a long days work, change into some comfy clothes and flick the Tv on and relax. Maybe even drink a beer. Jamaicans see their home as their palace. No matter how big or no matter how small.

To Party all night

Jamaicans love to party all night. I love to party all night too. The best way to party all night, is in Jamaica. Wow, the music is like no other. The DJ selctors are out of this world. The movement and passion of the people in the party is like no other. The vibe is so out of this world. I love Jamaica. Dancing all night is such a good feeling, and a good work out too.

Some good jamaican Food
Jamaican people love to eat a nice hearty Jamaican meal. When we dont get “our” food we can get out of balance and in a bad mood. I kid you not. It is in our blood. We need to have our own food.

Black American Comedy
Jamaican love a good Black American Comedy. We also love some Jamaican comedy too. Somehow I think the black american comedy is a little bit funnier to us. LoL

fasionable clothing
Jamaican love to dress up. Only a Jamaican can get away with an outfit that matches in color from head to toe and make it look good. A Jamaican man or woman, has the attitude and the “swag” to pull it off. LOL. I love my people.

Jamaican Flag

jamaican flag

Jamaican love the Jamaican flag. And why not? It represents Jah. Here is an excerpt from my book on Rastafari about the Jamaican flag.

“The Yellow X Represents the Strength of the Jamaican people.

I like to see the “x”as two crossed arms with clenched fists, breaking the Shackles and chains of Bondage/Slavery.

The color Green represents the abundance of lush Green nature of the Land

The color Black represents the beautiful black people of Jamaica…”

A clean Home!
This is extremely important. I have met only one Jamaican in my life that didnt mind living in a filthy home. All the other Jamaicans that I have known kept their home so clean from top to bottom, you could eat food off their floors. Wow. My sister used to mop her kitchen floor every night before going to sleep. Her home was always clean. A clean home makes a Jamaican feel at peace, and comfortable.

Jamaicans love God. Ok not all, but many Jamaican people are very passionate about the Almighty. It is from this passion that we get Rastafari. If you want to buy a Jamaican a good Christmas gift get him a Picture of Christ, he or she will appreciate it.


Jamaicans love Jamaica! Many Jamaicans who live abroad have a burning desire, to “go back home.” There is no where like Jamaica. There are places similar, but only Jamaica is Jamaica. Jamaicans miss, the nature of Jamaica, the Culture of Jamaica, the music of Jamaica, the ease of Jamaica. Home is home, no matter who you are or where you come from. Many Jamaicans have at least one item in their home with a map of Jamaica on it. Either a clock, or a place mat, or a mug, …Something that shows the parishes and is in the shape of the Island of Jamaica.

Money to Spend as we wish
Jamaicans love to have money to spend. Yes, I know we all do, but Jamaicans have such passion deep down inside that we do not like any type of restriction. This is why we are very hard working and love to have our own money to spend as we please.

1 More thing Jamaican love…

    Colonge and Perfume

…Makes a great Christmas Gift too.

Thanks for reading my 10 things Jamaicans love. Jah Bless You. Jah bless Jamaica.