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10 things Jamaicans Like

Things that make

Jamaican People Happy



  1. 20130715-jerk-chicken-final-food-lab-38A “Hearty Jamaican Meal” – Jamaicans like delicious food. Jamaican Food is typically delicious, and its very hearty. Hearty is how westerners say “heavy” for any Jamaicans that may be reading this. Jamaicans are known to eat delicious food such as Jamaican Curry Goat, Jamaican Oxtail, and Jamaican Stew Chicken….yum!
  2. Card/board Games – “Crazy 8’s” and “Donkey” are 2  common  card games in Jamaica. Jamaicans love card games because its a way to use your mind to “win” and have some fun. Jamaican really like Board games too. “Ludie” is a popular board game in Jamaica.
  3. 10 things jamaican like2Black American comedy – Jamaicans are excellent “laughers”. We love Jamaican Comedy and just as much we love Black American Comedy. Its almost like knowing Americans made the comedy makes it that much funnier for us Jamaicans.
  4. Any sport with Jamaicans – All I know is, when Usain Bolt was running in the Olympics, us Jamaicans were glued to the screen, yes myself included. Jamaicans expected Jamaicans in sports to win. So, we watch with expectation and excitement, just as if it were us who was playing. Just a spirit for sports I guess.
  5. Back-a-Yard! – Jamaican people love Jamaica. I know manyjamaicans love jamaica Jamaicans living here in Toronto who go home once, and sometimes twice a year. Yard is where the Jamaican heart is.
  6. Nice expensive perfume – Ok so I don’t really get this one myself, but Jamaican people love nice expensive perfume. Like I said I don’t really get it, but I know Jamaicans love to smell nice sometimes regardless of the time.
  7. Great Reggae Music – Jamaicans are music people. We love music, live through music, and considering our track record we are darn good at it. Great Reggae music lives in the heart and bones of many Jamaican people. Myself included.
  8. Playing dominoes – Many Jamaican men love to play dominoes, drink beer and yell about the game. Yelling is part of the fun. Mostly Jamaicans yell when they are winning at dominoes. LoL.
  9. 10 things jamaicans like“Jamaican” Beer – OK so Heineken and Guinness are not Jamaican beers. But these two types of beer are so ingrained in Jamaican Culture they may as well be. Another beer that Jamaicans love to drink is “Jamaican Red Stripe”
  10. The Jamaican Flag – Anything with the Jamaican flag on it is well liked by a Jamaican. Jamaicans are proud of their roots and their culture, and like to keep items that display the Jamaican flag. Such a Jamaican Belt Buckle, Jamaican Flag Hats, or Jamaican Flag T-shirts etc.

Blesssed Love. Thanks for Reading. King Selassie I.

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10 Jamaican Food Recipes to try at home:

  1. Jamaican Beef Patty Recipe to try at home
  2. How to Cook Jamaican Curry Goat Recipe
  3. How to Cook Jamaican Rice & Peas Recipe
  4. How to Cook Jamaican “Run Down Recipe
  5. How to Cook Rasta Ital Soup Recipe
  6. How to Cook Jamaican Curried Shrimp Recipe
  7. Hot Jamaican Style Cornmeal Porridge for breakfast
  8. Make Jamaican potato Salad 
  9. Rasta Style Ital Soup that tastes great
  10. Jamaican Style Barbecue Ribs (tasty)

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10 Things Jamaican Men Like in a Woman!

10 things Jamaican Men Like in a Woman

21 things about dating a Jamaican man ebook


  • 3.0 out of 5 stars short n sweet Jan. 27 2014 – Book was too short…even for $5, but a nice little analogy. I think it’s fairly accurate and enlightening, but just an opinion.
  • 4.0 out of 5 stars nice to know Nov. 5 2014 – I really enjoyed this book. I must say that my man is the most wonderful he treats me like a queen. I do keep the house clean and he dose the cooking ending with this # one love
  • 4.0 out of 5 stars 21 things about a jamaican man. June 14 2014 – i have found thid book very enlightening. and i have found several things with my jamaican man. this book was delivered to my kindle within seconds. thanks.

Jamaican men – How to cook for a Jamaican manJamaican men characteristics

  1. black man white womanJunk in the Trunk! –  Not all… but some Jamaican men like a woman with a little bit of a behind…you know “junk in the trunk!” as it is known. So, if you have a pronounced but, just know Jamaican men find it sexy…Im just saying.
  2. A Woman who can Cook Jamaican food – Jamaican men 20130715-jerk-chicken-final-food-lab-38love to eat Jamaican food. Jamaican men grow up eating these hearty heavy and delicious meals. When he becomes a grown man his body still craves this food. A Jamaican man appreciates it when his woman knows how to cook delicious Jamaican food.
  3. A woman who smells “fresh & Clean” – In Jamaican culture cleanliness is very important. A woman who showers daily, and wears a nice feminine perfume is admired by a lot of Jamaican men. So, brush your teeth regularly, wear deodorant, and be sure to shower as needed, Jamaican men like a woman who keeps her body smelling clean and fresh.
  4. A woman who is mentally strong – Jamaican men like a woman who is mentally strong. Weakness is frowned upon in Jamaican Culture, so be sure to show that you don’t crack under any type of pressure.
  5. A woman who shares – Sharing is such a big part of Jamaican Culture, and a part that many people are unaware of. Jamaican people are very kind. Many Jamaicans will give you the shirt off their back. A woman who shares may be seen as embracing one of the basic principles of Jamaican Culture. If you share, you make your Jamaican man feel more comfortable with you.
  6. A Woman who cares and listens – listening to the feelings of your Jamaican guy is another quality Jamaican men like in a woman. Jamaican men are not just sex objects, or “men” they are also people. A woman who listens and who cares, and is willing to be a pillar of support, is an important to a Jamaican man.
  7. A woman who can keep house – If you are a clean freak, that’s great! If not become one. Jamaican men like a woman who he knows can keep the house clean and in order. Many Jamaican men themselves are raised to do the same, so his standards for house order, will be high. If you don’t know how to do this, just go around people who do, and in time you will learn how to keep house just as well.
  8. A Woman who speaks her mind – Keeping your opinion to your self is almost unheard of in Jamaican Culture. So, don’t think that by not saying whats on your mind, is helping your relationship. Jamaicans just don’t believe in that. A woman who speaks her mind is respected, and strong. So don’t be afraid to speak your mind with your Jamaican man.
  9. A Woman who loves his Mother  – It’s very simple, if you love your Mother, love his Mother too. Many Jamaican men have very close relationships with their Moms. So, if he loves her, just love her too!
  10. A Woman who use “clean” language –  Jamaican men do not like to hear their lady using foul language. It looks bad and shows a lack of self-control. In Jamaican Culture, many Jamaican swear only when they are severely pissed. So, just keep this in mind.
  11. A Woman who knows how to Dance – A Jamaican man will not take jamaican woman dancingyou to the club with him if you cannot dance. So, if you know how to dance, great…your Jamaican man will appreciate this. If not, just “rock” which means to sway back and forth. If you can’t “rock” consider staying home. Jamaicans take dancing and music very seriously…Im just saying.

Long Hair –  Jamaican men like a woman who is feminine in appearance. Whats more feminine than long hair on a female. So, start growing your hair long…your Jamaican guy will adore it.

Love. King Selassie I.

Read 21 Things about dating a Jamaican man, read what Jamaican men like in a woman

21 things about
dating a Jamaican man (the book


things jamaican men like in a woman

8 Reasons Jamaican Women love White men

Ok before you read this I just want you to know none of this is meant to be offensive. I also want you to know I am a BIG, I mean BIG advocate for any black woman to date and marry a white man. So, if I say something ignorant it’s really out of love.

White guys make Jamaican women feel special

White guys like taking Jamaican women out for dinner, buying usjamaican dating little presents for our birthday and anniversaries, kissing us for no reason. Complimenting us out of the blue…White men make Jamaican women feel special. Yay white guys!

White men, are fun to be with intimately

White guys like doing things in the bedroom that are fun and different. Black Jamaican women like this because, it feels good to experiment, and not feel afraid. Plus black women know a white man will not judge us for being sexually experimental.

White guys love holding hands

White guys like holding hands. My white boyfriends seem to love holding hands everywhere we go. I like it because it makes me feel special and beautiful. It also lets me know that he wants to tell the world, “this is my lady.” Aw how cute! By the way a little off topic. I love seeing a white guy and black woman couple. I think they just look so right somehow…maybe its just me.

White men like making plans for the future

White men when in a Relationship with a black Jamaican women like to …
Get married to her…
Move in together…
Have Children…
Go away on Vacation…
When a white man loves a black Jamaican woman, many times, he will make commitments, that show he intends to be in the relationship long-term. Black women like this…a lot.

White men sees “the Queen” in the Jamaican woman

  • White men like a Jamaican woman’s’ dark skin complexionrasta empress
  • White men think Jamaican women are strong and speak what they feel
  • White men think Jamaican women are sexy…

White men see the true beauty and “Royal” spirit of black Jamaican women, and that is priceless, to us!

White men are not afraid of “natural hair”

black woman white manSince I locked my hair I get approached way more by white men than I do black men. They talk to me for no reason at all sometimes. Just to say hi, or ask me how I am doing, or whatever is on their mind. I think my dreadlocks, somehow “push” black men away, because black men don’t want to see a black woman in dreadlocks. But white men are not afraid of my black natural hair. In fact, they embrace and encourage it. That is so cool.

White guys like making love

Black Jamaican women also like white guys cause they know how to make love to Jamaican women, slowly and passionately. Black women like this cause it makes us feel special and loved.

White Guys kiss so gentle

jamaican-woman-marry-a-white-manWhen I first started dating white guys, it was the kiss that got me! It was so soft and so gentle. Wow. So for me…I like the way that White guys kiss. I am sure other Jamaican women like this too.
Blessed. Thanks for reading.

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10 Things Jamaicans Love!

reggae musicGood Reggae Music

Every Jamaican loves some good Reggae music. If they are Rasta then they will enjoy Rastafari Reggae Music. Many Jamaican love…Dennis Brown, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh Music etc. We grew up listening to it… Its pretty much in our blood.

To Be at Home
A lot of Jamaicans like being at home. Why not? Its the place where most people feel comfortable right? Jamaican love to come home after a long days work, change into some comfy clothes and flick the Tv on and relax. Maybe even drink a beer. Jamaicans see their home as their palace. No matter how big or no matter how small.

To Party all night

Jamaicans love to party all night. I love to party all night too. The best way to party all night, is in Jamaica. Wow, the music is like no other. The DJ selctors are out of this world. The movement and passion of the people in the party is like no other. The vibe is so out of this world. I love Jamaica. Dancing all night is such a good feeling, and a good work out too.

Some good jamaican Food
Jamaican people love to eat a nice hearty Jamaican meal. When we dont get “our” food we can get out of balance and in a bad mood. I kid you not. It is in our blood. We need to have our own food.

Black American Comedy
Jamaican love a good Black American Comedy. We also love some Jamaican comedy too. Somehow I think the black american comedy is a little bit funnier to us. LoL

fasionable clothing
Jamaican love to dress up. Only a Jamaican can get away with an outfit that matches in color from head to toe and make it look good. A Jamaican man or woman, has the attitude and the “swag” to pull it off. LOL. I love my people.

Jamaican Flag

jamaican flag

Jamaican love the Jamaican flag. And why not? It represents Jah. Here is an excerpt from my book on Rastafari about the Jamaican flag.

“The Yellow X Represents the Strength of the Jamaican people.

I like to see the “x”as two crossed arms with clenched fists, breaking the Shackles and chains of Bondage/Slavery.

The color Green represents the abundance of lush Green nature of the Land

The color Black represents the beautiful black people of Jamaica…”

A clean Home!
This is extremely important. I have met only one Jamaican in my life that didnt mind living in a filthy home. All the other Jamaicans that I have known kept their home so clean from top to bottom, you could eat food off their floors. Wow. My sister used to mop her kitchen floor every night before going to sleep. Her home was always clean. A clean home makes a Jamaican feel at peace, and comfortable.

Jamaicans love God. Ok not all, but many Jamaican people are very passionate about the Almighty. It is from this passion that we get Rastafari. If you want to buy a Jamaican a good Christmas gift get him a Picture of Christ, he or she will appreciate it.


Jamaicans love Jamaica! Many Jamaicans who live abroad have a burning desire, to “go back home.” There is no where like Jamaica. There are places similar, but only Jamaica is Jamaica. Jamaicans miss, the nature of Jamaica, the Culture of Jamaica, the music of Jamaica, the ease of Jamaica. Home is home, no matter who you are or where you come from. Many Jamaicans have at least one item in their home with a map of Jamaica on it. Either a clock, or a place mat, or a mug, …Something that shows the parishes and is in the shape of the Island of Jamaica.

Money to Spend as we wish
Jamaicans love to have money to spend. Yes, I know we all do, but Jamaicans have such passion deep down inside that we do not like any type of restriction. This is why we are very hard working and love to have our own money to spend as we please.

1 More thing Jamaican love…

    Colonge and Perfume

…Makes a great Christmas Gift too.

Thanks for reading my 10 things Jamaicans love. Jah Bless You. Jah bless Jamaica.