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How to make friends in Jamaica

How to Make Friends in Jamaica

The Island of Jamaica is a very hot and friendly place. Jamaican people in general are very open minded especially when it comes to meeting foreigners. Here are 8 tips and ideas to help you make friends in Jamaica.

  1. smile jamaicaSmile when you meet a Jamaican – Jamaicans are highly responsive to positive energy. Smile at a Jamaican and they will smile back. Jamaicans are not shy, who knows they may strike up conversation with you after sharing a responsive smile.
  2. Always say good morning, afternoon, evening – Jamaicans are big on Greetings appropriate for the time of day. In Jamaican culture it is seen as polite to greet others even strangers especially in the morning. An innocent greeting is a great way to meet some new people in Jamaica.
  3. Show interest in Jamaican CultureJamaican culture is wide and colorful. When you meet a Jamaican, ask questions about the culture. Jamaicans will warm up to you quickly when you show interest in their culture.
  4. Share your alcohol – /this is a very easy way to make fjamaican white rumriends in Jamaica. Jamaica is not full of hard core drinkers, but those who drink tend to stick together. If you want to make some new friends, simply invite other to your place for some Jamaican white rum, or some John Crow Batty rum, it works every time.
  5. Ask Jamaicans for directions – When in Jamaica, ask Jamaicans for directions. When you do so, they will most likely ask you where you are from. Jamaicans enjoy meeting foreigners, and continuing the friendship
  6. Ask a Jamaican to cook for you – A very easy way to make friends in Jamaica is to ask a Jamaican to cook some Jamaican food for you. Many friendships are formed over good food, and good conversation.
  7. Express your love and excitement for Jamaica –Express your love and excitement for Jamaica with Jamaicans. Many Jamaicans will offer to take you for a tour, or tell you where to go to take in some of the beauty of popular Jamaican hot spots. This is a great way to meet new people and make friends in Jamaica.
  8. sumfest_logoAttend social event in Jamaica – When you attend social events in Jamaica, you can meet 2 types of potential friends, those who come from Jamaica, and those who come from foreign. Social events such as “Reggae Sumfest,” are a great opportunity to mingle with others who are foreign to Jamaica but perhaps from a different part of the world than you, and also native Jamaicans.Jamaica is a very warm and friendly place. It is easy to make new friends and have fun in Jamaica. Come to Jamaica and see for yourself.  Irie!

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10 things Jamaicans Like

Things that make

Jamaican People Happy



  1. 20130715-jerk-chicken-final-food-lab-38A “Hearty Jamaican Meal” – Jamaicans like delicious food. Jamaican Food is typically delicious, and its very hearty. Hearty is how westerners say “heavy” for any Jamaicans that may be reading this. Jamaicans are known to eat delicious food such as Jamaican Curry Goat, Jamaican Oxtail, and Jamaican Stew Chicken….yum!
  2. Card/board Games – “Crazy 8’s” and “Donkey” are 2  common  card games in Jamaica. Jamaicans love card games because its a way to use your mind to “win” and have some fun. Jamaican really like Board games too. “Ludie” is a popular board game in Jamaica.
  3. 10 things jamaican like2Black American comedy – Jamaicans are excellent “laughers”. We love Jamaican Comedy and just as much we love Black American Comedy. Its almost like knowing Americans made the comedy makes it that much funnier for us Jamaicans.
  4. Any sport with Jamaicans – All I know is, when Usain Bolt was running in the Olympics, us Jamaicans were glued to the screen, yes myself included. Jamaicans expected Jamaicans in sports to win. So, we watch with expectation and excitement, just as if it were us who was playing. Just a spirit for sports I guess.
  5. Back-a-Yard! – Jamaican people love Jamaica. I know manyjamaicans love jamaica Jamaicans living here in Toronto who go home once, and sometimes twice a year. Yard is where the Jamaican heart is.
  6. Nice expensive perfume – Ok so I don’t really get this one myself, but Jamaican people love nice expensive perfume. Like I said I don’t really get it, but I know Jamaicans love to smell nice sometimes regardless of the time.
  7. Great Reggae Music – Jamaicans are music people. We love music, live through music, and considering our track record we are darn good at it. Great Reggae music lives in the heart and bones of many Jamaican people. Myself included.
  8. Playing dominoes – Many Jamaican men love to play dominoes, drink beer and yell about the game. Yelling is part of the fun. Mostly Jamaicans yell when they are winning at dominoes. LoL.
  9. 10 things jamaicans like“Jamaican” Beer – OK so Heineken and Guinness are not Jamaican beers. But these two types of beer are so ingrained in Jamaican Culture they may as well be. Another beer that Jamaicans love to drink is “Jamaican Red Stripe”
  10. The Jamaican Flag – Anything with the Jamaican flag on it is well liked by a Jamaican. Jamaicans are proud of their roots and their culture, and like to keep items that display the Jamaican flag. Such a Jamaican Belt Buckle, Jamaican Flag Hats, or Jamaican Flag T-shirts etc.

Blesssed Love. Thanks for Reading. King Selassie I.

check my blog post entitled…“8 Tips to Kiss a Jamaican”

10 Jamaican Food Recipes to try at home:

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  2. How to Cook Jamaican Curry Goat Recipe
  3. How to Cook Jamaican Rice & Peas Recipe
  4. How to Cook Jamaican “Run Down Recipe
  5. How to Cook Rasta Ital Soup Recipe
  6. How to Cook Jamaican Curried Shrimp Recipe
  7. Hot Jamaican Style Cornmeal Porridge for breakfast
  8. Make Jamaican potato Salad 
  9. Rasta Style Ital Soup that tastes great
  10. Jamaican Style Barbecue Ribs (tasty)

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Jamaican men charactersitics

Jamaican Men Characteristics

things jamaican men like in a woman

  1. How to Cook Jamaican Patty from scratch
  2. How to Keep a Jamaican Woman Happy for real
  3. How to make Jamaican style Potato Salad at home
  4. How to get a Jamaican Girl to Marry You (you will enjoy reading this)
  5. 8 tips to kiss a Jamaican man or woman
  6. How to cook Hot Jamaican Cornmeal Porridge for Breakfast or Dinner
  7. How to cook for a Jamaican man some advice to make him happy
  8. Jamaican Language Translations for beginners

If you are new to dating Jamaican men, this list of 6 Jamaican man characteristics may be helpful to you.

  1. Jamaican man Silence – Jamaican men need their space to recharge their batteries. They don’t like to have a woman or anybody else for that matter constantly talking to them every day without taking a break. I myself am like that too.
  2. Very Rough Intimately – Some Jamaican men like to do thattumblr_lyqspmTsu01qjbftxo1_400 rough. Some are gentle. I only said some are gentle to be fair….I haven’t really met one. Anyway, most women tend to like it rough anyway…as far as I know.
  3. Jamaican men can get Aggravated when Hungry – this is normal isn’t it? Many Jamaican men get aggravated when they get hungry. I am not a man, but who smiles and is in a cheerful mood when they are hungry? Jamaican men love to eat hearty Jamaican food, so read up on some Jamaican food Recipes in my book, “How to Date a Jamaican man.”
  4. Jamaican men are known to have 2 Women – This does not apply to all Jamaican men, it depends how he view you. Read my book called “21 Things about Dating Jamaican men” to learn more.
  5. jamaican man white womanJamaican men tend to be Very Jealous – Many Jamaican men tend to protective of “their property” if you know what I men. This applies to all men really. But if you lead your Jamaican man to think that another man has a chance of getting with you, when you are already dating him, you are gonna hear about it
  6. Jamaican man can be very Private – Jamaican men are very private when they do not know you. As you guy keep dating, and he is sure he loves you and that you love him, he will open up slowly. This is just Jamaican Culture. 

things jamaican men like in a woman

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8 Tips to Kiss a Jamaican

8 Tips to Get a Jamaican to Kiss You
black-couple-kissing (2)

Jamaican Culture is different from American culture. Kissing from a Jamaican man or a Jamaican womans perspective is different too. I created for you “8 tips to Kiss a Jamaican” for those who are wondering…

  1. Fresh Breath! – Jamaican people have a big “thing” about fresh breath. Be sure when you try to kiss your Jamaican, your breath is very fresh. Use tooth paste to brush your teeth, and chew some gum just before or try that nice minty breath spray.
  2. Daily Hygiene – Jamaicans take proper daily hygiene practices very seriously. If a Jamaican man or a Jamaican woman suspects that you do not practice proper hygiene trust me Nelly…they will not kiss you. So, be sure your shower every day, wear deodorant and do your laundry regularly.
  3. Monogamy – Jamaicans don’t like to think for one second you are “sharing your mouth” with others, and that now you are attempting to “swap” those germs with them through a kiss? No! So, demonstrate that you are the monogamous type, by dating only them if you want a Jamaican to kiss you.
  4. Don’t Push the Issue – If you want to kiss a particular Jamaican, don’t expectjamaican love to do it too early in your courtship. Most Jamaicans like to take their time when it comes to kissing…they see kissing as something that couples do. So, they don’t tend to kiss quickly. So, take time in getting to know your Jamaican, and try to kiss him/her when they seem to be physically comfortable with you.
  5. Expect to do More! – Jamaicans don’t really kiss, for kissing sake. In the mind of many Jamaicans, kissing means…”more is coming.” So, if you are not ready to do more… within the next hour…then no kissing.
  1. A Gentle touch – A Gentle touch lets your Jamaican know that you are attracted to them, and at the same time you respect their personal space not to try to kiss them until they are ready. A Gentle touch also lets your Jamaican man or Jamaican woman know you would like to work your way up to kissing. Try touching them gently on the waist or on the but…your Jamaican will know you expect him/her kiss soon.
  2. Keep your kissing private – Jamaican people are very private about their sensuality. If you want to kiss a Jamaican man or Jamaican woman, do it behind closed doors.
  3. Clean smooth lips – Kissing is very intimate. Jamaicans are big on hygiene as I explained earlier. If you want to kiss a Jamaican, be sure your lips look clean, smooth and “kissing ready.” Use chap stick regularly, to keep your lips smooth and moist at all times, just in case your Jamaican man or Jamaican woman is ready to kiss you when you least expect it.

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Jamaican Dating Personals


Young Affectionate Couple Relaxing on Beach

Jamaicans Dating white women & White men

Jamaicans are dating white men, and dating White women in large numbers. I think its beautiful! Our planet needs more inter-culture mingling. It calms ignorance, and lessens the possibility for hatred, prejudice and Racism.

Jamaican men & white women dating

A lot of Jamaican men are dating white women. I think they look beautiful as a couple and compliment eachother. People are vacationing more than ever now…so lots of white women and Jamaican men are having the opportunity to meet…

Why do Jamaican men date White Women!

Some People ask me, Why do Jamaican men date White Women?
Jamaican men date white women, because they find them attractive, fun to hang out with, and they like the chemistry that they have with white women. Thats it! Besides its not bodys’ business who are person is dating especially if you don’t know them.

Jamaican women & white men dating

black women white men

Lots of Jamaican Women are dating White men also. It works both ways. Some say there are 2 main reasons for this.
#1 Jamaican Black men are not really dating Jamaican black women any more, so there are a lot of Single Jamaican Black women living in Jamaica, and in the West.
#2 A lot of White men are very attracted to Jamaican women, so they fall in love.

White men are nice to Jamaican women
white men are very affecitone towards Jamaican Women
White men appreciate the curves and shape of the Jamaican Woman
White men are Physically and emotionally gentle and King to Jamaican Black Women

I love Jamaican men…

white women jamaican men

Perhaps you are a white woman who has thought to yourself, “I love Jamaican men,” where can I find one to date? Well, you can post a personals ad on “Jamaican Love.” A lot of Black Jamaican men want to meet and marry white women. Place my personals ad on Jamaicanlove.org now

Do Jamaican men like american women?

Yes Jamaican men do like American women very much! Jamaican men like women of all nationalities, black american women, white american women, Asian American Women. The reason is that, in Jamaica a lot of the men see a “foreign woman as being “special” so, they dream of dating and settling down with an American woman. Also in Jamaica we have people who are Jamaican of various nations. Join Jamaicanlove.org and share your personals ad with Jamaican men living in Jamaica, and the US.

Meet Jamaican Singles UK, Canada, US?

jamaican love
Meet Jamaican men, or meet Jamaican women. If you are a Jamaican, create your sinlge ad to meet a white woman or a white man today.

Post your Personals Ad on Jamaican Love!

Jamaicanlove.org Jamaicans mingle with those who Love them.