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Jamaican men – Meet Mr. Bumpy!


b1 b2hello my nick name is Bumpy. They call me this in Jamaica, my real name is Lanceford. I often dress very stylish, in jeans and a men’s  dress shirt and I am a young looking 55 year old male. I work doing motorcycle taxi in Jamaica in the little London in the westmoreland area. I have two grown sons ages 33 and 32. I own my own home, and have a brand new puppy named corporal.

I love life, love to laugh and enjoy spending time with that special lady. I am seeking a foreign woman between the age of 36 – 45 of any nationality for love, friendship, laughter and relationship. I love to talk about anything and everything, and I am hoping to find my soul-mate. My zodiac sign is Gemini and I am easy to talk to. I have a cell phone you can call if you are a foreign woman and would like us to get to know each other. Call 876 557 6527 Hope to talk to you soon.

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How to Cook for a Jamaican Man

How to Cook for a Jamaican Man

how to cook for a jamaican man
A Jamaican mans mind-set may be different from yours when it comes to the types of food he likes to eat and the flavors enjoys. I created this blog post to provide some tips on how to cook for your Jamaican man so that he is feeling happy and satisfied at the end of his meal! Enjoy! Here are 3 tips, just for your knowledge,  before we address what Jamaican food is best to cook for your King.

  1. Setting the Mood– If you are planning to cook some food for your Jamaican man, be sure the mood is right. Don’t have too much noise in the preferred dining area, and be sure the entire space, and more specifically his eating space is clean and clutter free. Jamaicans are very picky about cleanliness especially when and where they eat.
  2. Jamaican man Taste Buds! – Your Jamaican mans  taste buds arehow to cook for a jamaican man probably different from your own. His taste buds are used to food bursting with Caribbean flavors and Caribbean seasonings. If he was raised by a Jamaican Mother, then his intestinal tract is used to these special flavors too. When you serve your Jamaican man food, just know he expects it to taste good. If it does not taste good, he will be truly disappointed, actually his taste buds will be truly disappointed.
  3. After the Meal –Jamaicans in general like to enjoy a lot of quiet time. That is just our Culture. I find that after a meal is a time when many Jamaicans would rather not engage in too heavy conversation. After your Jamaican man eats his meal. Give him his space to digest his food, and enjoy the feeling of being satiated. He will appreciate that you thought of him in this way. If he wants to engage in conversation after he has finished his Delicious meal, allow him to be the one to initiate it with you and not the other way around.

So….What should you cook for your Jamaican man?

how to cook for a jamaican

*click the links below to get Jamaican food recipes for each!*

My top 5  Jamaican food dinner choices!

  1. Jamaican Stew Chicken – (My personal favorite Jamaican dinner) jamaican stew chicken cooking recipeJamaican stew chicken tastes like heaven in Chicken, but at the same time is light, and not too heavy. Just a great flavorful chicken meal. Click here for the Jamaican Stew Chicken Cooking Recipes
  2. Jamaican Ox Tail – Jamaican Ox tail is loved by many, especially Jamaican men. It hits the spot, and the flavors are totally out of this world. Click here for the Jamaican Ox Tail Cooking Recipe.
  3. Jamaican Curry GoatJamaican curried goat is a Jamaican classic. So many people order this meal, in Jamaican restaurants. To me one has to be “in the mood” to enjoy Jamaican curried goat. Click here for Jamaican Curried Goat Cooking Recipe.
  4. Jamaican Jerk Chicken – This is another Jamaican food Classic. Those who love hot and spicy food, tend to request Jamaican Jerk20130715-jerk-chicken-final-food-lab-38 Chicken, be sure to by the special Jamaican Jerk Seasoning. I would shy away from this one if its your first time. I tried to cook it once, and totally over did the Jerk seasoning. I couldn’t taste the food. Click her for Jamaican Jerk chicken cooking recipe.
  5. Ackee and Salt Fish – Ackee and Saltfish is another Jamaican food Classic. Ackee and Saltfish is typically eaten at breakfast time by Jamaican people, however it is so good that we eat it any time of day. But again, you sort of have to be in the mood  to really enjoy Ackee and Saltfish. It tastes delicious, is a little salty, but in a good way. If its your first time cooking a Jamaican meal. I would shy away from this one,  until you get to practice it a few times on your own. Jamaican Ackee and Saltfish Cooking  Recipe.

If you want my opinion…if it’s your first time cooking Jamaican food, I would try cooking the Jamaican stew chicken. Do a run through before that special day, then on that day you will be more prepared.


More tips to Cook for your Jamaican Man

  1. Hot foodMake sure the food is piping hot– Jamaicans don’t like food that is kind of hot they like it piping hot.
  2. Try to serve food that is heavy – Jamaicans people are used to eating food that is not only flavorful but also heavy. So, that when we eat it, we don’t feel hungry after wards
    Don’t be afraid to use some pepper and some spices– I think a lot of Jamaicans expect food to be spicy and have some pepper in it. Serve the hot sauce bottle “on the side”…this is common Jamaican culture.
  3. Include a fresh leafy Salad – I don’t know why, Jamaicans love having Fresh leafy greens on their dinner plate. I think fresh salad goes well with all the spices that people are used to eating in the Caribbean.  In case you were wondering Jamaicans typically like french dressing with their salad or Ranch.
  4. Big cold tasty drink – In Jamaica many of the drinks are very cold jamaican drinkand very flavorful. Meant to cool you off and provide a little sweetness for the tongue. Give your Jamaican man a big tall cold tasty drink with his Jamaican food….He will love you for it. We are not picky about the type of Juice just as long as its cold…but…since you asked….Jamaicans  love to drink …pineapple Juice,  Orange Juice, Grape Juice, Lemonade
  5. A Large Serving is best! – I almost forgot…in Jamaican culture, to serve a Jamaican person a small plate of food is sort of disrespectful…It is always best to serve a large portion of food so that the person doesn’t have to say, “Can I have some more please?” So, be sure the food is high and wide on the plate. Very Important!!!
  6. Bring him his food In Jamaican culture it is common that the woman brings the man his food where ever he is. Yes, and that they may not enjoy a meal together. Jamaican women don’t take it personal. They Just get on with their duties. You may consider doing the same for your Jamaican man. But, just keep in mind if you do it once, he may expect it again and again.

Try some of these Jamaican Food Recipes Too:

Blessed. King Selassie I.

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If you are new to dating Jamaican men, this list of 6 Jamaican man characteristics may be helpful to you.

  1. Jamaican man Silence – Jamaican men need their space to recharge their batteries. They don’t like to have a woman or anybody else for that matter constantly talking to them every day without taking a break. I myself am like that too.
  2. Very Rough Intimately – Some Jamaican men like to do thattumblr_lyqspmTsu01qjbftxo1_400 rough. Some are gentle. I only said some are gentle to be fair….I haven’t really met one. Anyway, most women tend to like it rough anyway…as far as I know.
  3. Jamaican men can get Aggravated when Hungry – this is normal isn’t it? Many Jamaican men get aggravated when they get hungry. I am not a man, but who smiles and is in a cheerful mood when they are hungry? Jamaican men love to eat hearty Jamaican food, so read up on some Jamaican food Recipes in my book, “How to Date a Jamaican man.”
  4. Jamaican men are known to have 2 Women – This does not apply to all Jamaican men, it depends how he view you. Read my book called “21 Things about Dating Jamaican men” to learn more.
  5. jamaican man white womanJamaican men tend to be Very Jealous – Many Jamaican men tend to protective of “their property” if you know what I men. This applies to all men really. But if you lead your Jamaican man to think that another man has a chance of getting with you, when you are already dating him, you are gonna hear about it
  6. Jamaican man can be very Private – Jamaican men are very private when they do not know you. As you guy keep dating, and he is sure he loves you and that you love him, he will open up slowly. This is just Jamaican Culture. 

things jamaican men like in a woman

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Young Affectionate Couple Relaxing on Beach

Jamaicans Dating white women & White men

Jamaicans are dating white men, and dating White women in large numbers. I think its beautiful! Our planet needs more inter-culture mingling. It calms ignorance, and lessens the possibility for hatred, prejudice and Racism.

Jamaican men & white women dating

A lot of Jamaican men are dating white women. I think they look beautiful as a couple and compliment eachother. People are vacationing more than ever now…so lots of white women and Jamaican men are having the opportunity to meet…

Why do Jamaican men date White Women!

Some People ask me, Why do Jamaican men date White Women?
Jamaican men date white women, because they find them attractive, fun to hang out with, and they like the chemistry that they have with white women. Thats it! Besides its not bodys’ business who are person is dating especially if you don’t know them.

Jamaican women & white men dating

black women white men

Lots of Jamaican Women are dating White men also. It works both ways. Some say there are 2 main reasons for this.
#1 Jamaican Black men are not really dating Jamaican black women any more, so there are a lot of Single Jamaican Black women living in Jamaica, and in the West.
#2 A lot of White men are very attracted to Jamaican women, so they fall in love.

White men are nice to Jamaican women
white men are very affecitone towards Jamaican Women
White men appreciate the curves and shape of the Jamaican Woman
White men are Physically and emotionally gentle and King to Jamaican Black Women

I love Jamaican men…

white women jamaican men

Perhaps you are a white woman who has thought to yourself, “I love Jamaican men,” where can I find one to date? Well, you can post a personals ad on “Jamaican Love.” A lot of Black Jamaican men want to meet and marry white women. Place my personals ad on Jamaicanlove.org now

Do Jamaican men like american women?

Yes Jamaican men do like American women very much! Jamaican men like women of all nationalities, black american women, white american women, Asian American Women. The reason is that, in Jamaica a lot of the men see a “foreign woman as being “special” so, they dream of dating and settling down with an American woman. Also in Jamaica we have people who are Jamaican of various nations. Join Jamaicanlove.org and share your personals ad with Jamaican men living in Jamaica, and the US.

Meet Jamaican Singles UK, Canada, US?

jamaican love
Meet Jamaican men, or meet Jamaican women. If you are a Jamaican, create your sinlge ad to meet a white woman or a white man today.

Post your Personals Ad on Jamaican Love!

Jamaicanlove.org Jamaicans mingle with those who Love them.

3 Things a Jamaican man must have (part 3)


3 Things a Jamaican man must have!

Jamaican men Characteristics – my 7 tips for becoming a new Rastafari

List of 10 things Jamaican men like a a woman – 10 Best Jamaican food dishes

jamaican men-

A Jamaican man will need these things to a greater or lesser degree, but generally speaking these are 3 things every Jamaican man needs. If he doesn’t have these things…he might become irritated and irrational.

#1 Good Jamaican Food to eat for his body

Good Healthy Jamaican Food is a very important part of a Jamaican man’s best jamaican foodhappiness and health. Without his home cooked Jamaican fuel, He may become cranky and complain of feeling “weak.”. A Jamaican man operates best when he can rest assured he can hang with the other men and know he’s got the strength and stamina that he should as a true Jamaican Warrior. To keep his health at its prime he will need to regularly eat healthy hearty good Jamaican Food.

#2 Intimate time with his woman

jamaican loveGood Healthy Intimate time is at the top of the List for any virile Jamaican man. A Jamaican man likes to feel that he can make a woman happy with his manhood. He also needs to have s*x to balance his mind and make him feel relaxed. Many Jamaican men need to have lots of (relatively speaking) s*x because he somehow feels that having s*x validates him as a man. Not only that, Jamaican men and a woman are like “hand in glove.” A Jamaican man loves the attention and affections of females. This may be the reason why it is so commonly known that many Jamaican men (who live in Jamaica) tend to have “a woman on the side.”

#3 Time with buddies for laughter and reasoning

Many Jamaican men love their time with their male friends. They like to play jamaican men with friendsdominos, sip on some Guinness or some Heineken, and just shoot the breeze. If you want your Jamaican man to be happy, to spend time with his buddies is a must. He may come home late, and “red out” from smoking some good Marijuana, or drunk from all the drinking, but just know, his behavior is normal. The truth is, many Jamaican men, really are just a ” little boy” at heart.

21 things about dating a jamaican man

things jamaican men like in a womanRead my Jamaican men Characteristics, and my How to cook for a Jamaican man

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