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10 Best Jamaican Food Dishes: Hands Down!

Best & Popular Jamaican Food Dishes

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best jamaican foodI don’t eat meat. But, I still remember the flavors of some of the food dishes my Grandmother and Mother would cook for me. Before I became a Rastafari I would visit some of the Jamaican food Restaurants, so I am pretty confident I know my stuff. Plus, Jamaican food is so vast, you can be vegetarian and still enjoy flavorful Jamaican food without the meat.

  1. Jamaican Curry Goat – This Jamaican food dish is so popular and so good. Mostly men request it at Jamaican food restaurants. Before I became vegan, this was my favorite Jamaican food dish.
  2. Jamaican Jerk Chicken – Jamaican Jerk Chick is probably one of our top 2 dishes we are world Renowned for. Its spice, hot, and tastes really good. You can buy the Jerk Sauce at the supermarket and cook it at home. I did this once, I put way too much Jerk Sauce.
  3. Jamaican Jerk Pork – I think this food dish is a favorite of20130715-jerk-chicken-final-food-lab-38many people (non Rastafari) Before I became a Rastafari I loved to eat me some Jerk Pork. Try it if you get a chance. Tasty. I am remembering form over 10 years ago.
  4. Ackee and Salt Fish – This is known as Jamaica’s “International” dish. Ackee and Saltfish is eaten, for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  5. Jamaican Run Down – Jamaican Run down. Jamaican run down is so commonly cooked in Jamaican culture that its often overlooked. Jamaican run down is a breakfast that is made with salt fish tomato, black pepper, oil, scallion. It tastes salty and we cook it with some plain dumplings on the side. Makes a great breakfast, or snack. Sometimes we eat it for dinner too.
  6. Jamaican Oxtail – Ok I have a confession. Out of all the flavors of Oxtail-Butter-Beanseach individual Jamaican food, Jamican oxtail has the best flavors. Don’t ask me what they cook it with I do not know off the top of my head….but you should cook this at home. You will be blown away by the way it tastes. Trust me.
  7. Jamaican Fried Fish – Jamaican fried fish. Just thinking about makes me want to go back to Jamaica. Jamaican fried fish is a food you eat when you want some healthy comfort food if that makes sense. Jamaicans will often request fried fish is they are tired of eating Chicken or if they are vegetarian but still don’t mind eating fish. (like me)
  8. Jamaican stew Chicken – This is still my favorite Jamaican food dish. I am not crazy about eating Chicken anymore. I seek it out about once a month. The taste of Jamaican stew Chicken is one your palette will never forget.
  9. Chicken Foot Soup – Chicken foot Soup. Chicken foot soup tastes jamaican chicken foot soupgreat when you are in the mood for it. Sometimes if you are not feeling well, or feel like you wan to eat something full of nutrients Jamaican foot soup might be the answer. Jamaican people cook it so good and it doesnt cost a lot of money to make.
  10. Jamaican Curry Chicken – Jamaican curry chicken is delicious so many people admire Jamaica for this dish. Jamaican Curry chicken is another meal that some people think every Jamaican eats. Well I take that as a compliment.

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Want to learn how to cook Jamaican food?
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How to cook Hot Jamaican Porridge

How to Cook Hot Jamaican  Cornmeal Porridge



  1. 1 cup of yellow cornmeal
  2. 4 cups of water
  3. 1/2 a teaspoon of salt
  4. 1 cup of milk
  5. 1/2 cup of sweetened condensed milk
  6. 1 teaspoon of vanilla
  7. 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
  8. 1/2 teaspoon of nutmeg
  9. Sugar to taste

How to Prepare

  1. Mixing  – Mixing the cornmeal Place the cornmeal in a bowl and add 1 cup of water
    Mix the water and cornmeal together
  2. Boiling – Boiling the water Mix one cup of milk and three cups of water in a saucepan
    Bring to the boil
  3. Add the Cornmeal– Adding the cornmeal Once the water and milk has boiled turn down the heat and stir in the cornmeal mix
    Simmer for 10 minutes, stirring regularly
  4. Other Ingredients – Adding the other ingredients Stir in the condensed milk, vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg.
    Simmer for a further five minutes

Serve it hot.

How to Set up a Cell phone in Jamaica.

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7 steps to start an online business

How I started Blogging Online

  1. choose a topic you are passionate about – this will propel the bob marleysuccess of your business especially on those days when you don’t feel like working. I chose Rastafari and Jamaican culture because I know a lot about them, and I love talking about and blogging about Jamaican and Rastafari Culture.
  2. start a free blog about it –  start a blog on wordpress.com and never leave it. WordPress.com blogs get a heap of traffic. I had a free blog on Rastafari before, but I got rid of it. I now have another blog called “jamaican love blog” on wordpress .com, It gets good traffic and I am really proud of it.
  3. start a paid blog – this is where you go to wordpress.org and set up a paid blog. wordpress.org has all the stuff a newbie needs to set up a professional self hosted blog. (More info on the next step how to do it)
  4. buy some hosting for your paid blog – I use bluehost. bluehost.com are the Rastafarian_woman_puruleaders in inexpensive quality webhosting for beginners. You can reach them 24/7. To answer all your questions about tech support and creating your first self hosted blog. Through bluehost you will set up and create your self hosted blog with your own domain name…like jamaicanlove.org or jamaicanrastafarianlove.com Go to wordpress.com and buy your domain name…then you will be all set to get a self hosted blog where you can start selling ebooks, handmade earrings, knitted scarfs, picture frames, recipes whatever you like.
  5. start driving traffic from your free blog to your paid blog – Your paid blog is where you will sell your products, eBooks, whatever you want to sell to make money because we are not allowed to sell stuff, on the WordPress.com free blog. Just their rules. So just drive the traffic there for buying.
  6. build even more traffic! – advertising (newspapers) YouTube, more blogging are some great options for getting more traffic to your paid blog. It really depends what you are blogging about, and what you are selling. Some subjects (like Rastafari ) are pretty much web only. Whereas other topics (subconscious mind training) are pretty much anywhere and everywhere. You will have to decide.
  7. 51v1uTgZojL._SX310_BO1,204,203,200_Keep blogging – With time you will be known among  the community your blog is in. People will expect you to produce “new works. ” Which is great because they will already be your customers. I now have more than 3 blogs, jamaicanrastafarianlove.com jamaicanlove.org and jamaicanloveblog.wordpress.com those are my main ones for Caribbean culture. You can also check out my work in progress subconscious-mind-training.com

If you want to write and sell books like I do. I recommend starting your blog and starting to write your first book all at the same time. That’s what I did. Then everything just snowballed on its own. Remember, choose the topic you are most passionate about, but think about all the monetization options before you begin so that you don’t get stuck and are aware of types of products you will be creating for you customers starting now.


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Can I use my Canadian cell phone in Jamaica?

I wanted to write this article for those like me. Perhaps you are traveling from the America or Canada the UK etc. And have decided you will need a cell phone for the duration of time you are in Jamaica. First of all I would like to commend you on such a smart decision, because where I was staying there were no payphones to speak of. Lets get to it.


How I set up my cell phone to work in Jamaica

My Cell Phone I bought in Canada, My cell phone is from Public Mobile I bought my phone from public mobile It comes with a chip. I asked lots of questions before I bought it, I’m sure I asked if it would work in Jamaica because I was sure I would come here

  1. Different Cell Phone plans in Jamaica – Getting a new chip When I arrived in Jamaica I literally had to ask how the cell phones worked out here like over 7 times. People were trying to explain it to me but my brain wasn’t grasping it. In Canada, you buy the cell phone you choose  a plan you pay your plan fee every month and that’s it. Doesn’t work like that in Jamaica.
  2. A Digi cell cell phone chip is the magic –  You have take out your chip from abroad out of the back of your cell phone.  go to a digicel store with a piece of id. Only drivers license passport and national id are accepted. In case you were wondering The reason they are so strict about who they give cell phone chips to is because of the lottery scamming that goes on in Jamaica. People use cell phones to do it I am told. Ok so when we went to the digicel store I didn’t have my id. My friend asked a friend on the street to do it and they allowed us to do it that. Way, so my cell phone is in a guys name but who cares I now have a cell phone chip to use my Canadian cell phone in Jamaica .
  3. How to get a Phone plan in Jamaica the easy way – I could not understand what people were telling me when they said I had to buy credit for my phone. They said I had to purchase a piece of paper with a code on it, then use that code to use the cell phone and have credit to make calls. I asked them if I could use the same credit to view the internet on my cell phone they told me yes. I was like really.
  4. After I got my Jamaican cell chip I purchased some  credit– it was really complicated every time my time would run out I would have to run to the store to buy soem more credit. because I wasn’t used to how to put it on. I would loose all my credit in like 5 minutes using the internet to watch one video. Don’t worry there is a solution coming later. It took me some time but I figured out an easy way. Back in the day when I used to spend ours talking to Jamaican men on my cell phone I learned how to add credit to a Jamaican phone from abroad.
  5. Buy Digi cell Credit online its cheaper and faster – So I went online,  to the digicell website and added credit to my phone in Jamaica from my visa debit card. They have all types of phone plans available. It was quick and easy to do it they even have a digicel app to put on your phone to make buying credit easy. Oh yeah you can use Paypal to purchase credit from digicel too. Neat huh. Before I was spending one hundred Jamaican dollars every time I wanted credit for my phone. If I use the internet it eats up more credit, and if you watch videos it eats up even more credit. I was getting fed. Up.


So that’s my story that is how I set up my cell phone to work in Jamaica. Good luck adding the credit that is a lot of fun. Get someone young like in their teens to teach you they know a lot of stuff about technology.