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Sometimes I hate being black!

rasta empress

I am not a Trashy Person

ok whoa! It’s not what you think! I love being a black African Empress. But, I do not like the things that come along with it sometimes. For example…when another black woman I meet, we stop getting along, her mind is filled with garbage and because I am a black woman too, she “assumes” my mind is filled with garbage too. So, she gets into this mind “tug of war” with me where she becomes super aggressive and paranoid around me. These people dont know what Rastafari is. Black women who I meet who know what Rastafari is, from the “grass-roots” perspective (i.e. growing up in Jamaica) myself and them get a long fine. They know I have an abundance of love for them in my heart and that to hurt or “defame” them is the last thing I’d do.

I have had many troubles with black woman who do not know what Rastafari is and who assume that I am just as “lowly” in my thinking as they are.

FU to Racism…

I hate when I get followed around the store. Just because I have dreadlocks, or a hair wrap and I am black it doesn’t mean I am going to steal. I used to know this white girl from Montreal. She and I talked Candidly about many things. One time we were talking about how people react to me in the stores sometimes. She told me she used to know another black girl. Whenever she needed new clothes, she would bring her black friend with her, that black girl would get followed around the store, while my white friend would shove the clothing into a bag in another area of the store. Pretty clever huh? That is how you say FU to racism.

Rasta and Black and Female??

I always think to my self…I live in Toronto, and if I were not black 99% of my problems would not exist. I walk down the street black, female…and Rastafari??? What am I thinking…??? course I am going to get stared at….But really the truth of the matter is..the people who stare at me…have no experience of culture or people outside of Canada. They really should try to learn about other Cultures and people, then maybe they wont stare so much.

I love being a black female, and Rasta. It is the greatest blessing I have in my life. Jah made me, he made me like this, he knows why.

I hope black women will learn to unite with each other. I know we are very hurt and sensitive…but lets start living from the Queen persona instead of the slave persona…PLEASE.

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lOVE AND BLESSINGS King Selassie I the first.