rastafari principlesRastafari as a Way of Life

If you approach Rastafari as something that you can understand with your intellect, you will miss the beauty and the message. If you approach Rastafari as an experience and something that comes from the heart, you will gain the awareness and wisdom of the Almighty Jah. Rastafari is a faith of truth, it is the only faith (I know of) where the people say, “they are born that way.” Rastafari is the truth and light for every Nation, Rastafari is love and unity and truth for all.

Rastafari Culture & Bob Marley

Many people are familiar with the Rastafari Culture through the works and music of the legendary Bob Marley. Bob Marley is a Rastafari. Still going strong. He was sent here to do that. To deliver a message, a message of love and togetherness. Many people today still celebrate the message of Jah, through the music and other paraphernalia of Bob Marely. Rastafari and Bob Marley is often represented by Red Yellow and Green Stripes, symbolizing Love, Hope, and Unity for Mankind.

I want to Become a Rasta!

Rastafari is the life you live, it is not a Religion. If you approach it as a Religion, you will be quite disappointed. Rastafari is a way of thinking. A way of being, a lifestyle of cleanliness and purity of mind heart and soul. I have written a book for those who want some guidance into the Rastafari way of life. Remember this is just a guide and Rastafari is an Experience.   The book is called how to Become a Rasta, you can buy it on Amazon.com

5 Basic Principles of Rastafari

  1. Respect for all Life formsRasta knows that all life that is alive Rasta_Way_of_Life_Cover_for_Kindleand living is because Jah made it so. Rasta respects all forms of life, and that they may live and be free as Jah intended. Even little tiny bugs!
  2. Freedom of SelfRasta believes in Freedom. Freedom to spend time how one chooses, Freedom of Expression, freedom to create. Rasta knows Jah made people to be free, not to punch a time clock.
  3. Equal Rights and JusticeRasta represents “Equal Rights and Justice” for all! We believe all people of all nations should have equal rights and justice! no exceptions!
  4. Live Natural     Rastafari live natural in an effort to live the way Jah intended for us humans to live. As Rastafari we embrace, natural products for the home, health, body, and the environment.
  5. Unity Unity within the Black community, unity for all Rasta, and unity between nations. To be united in love, is the manifestation of the heart of Jah, in human form.



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Where and When did Rastafari Start?

Rastafari always has been and always will be. Remember it is not like a Religion that has been invented by man. Rastafari comes from Jah, and is everlasting. Rastafari become even more popular with the crowning of King Selassie I of Ethiopia in 1930. This was confirmation that Rastafari is the truth. A physical Representation of what Rasta have known in their hearts from birth. That King Selassie I was sent from Jah to bring light to the people.

I want to embrace this faith…

If you are thinking, “I want to embrace this faith… where should I begin” Begin by knowing yourself. A big part of Rastafari is knowing your self and embracing your people your root and your culture. When you know your own root, then you can begin to embrace Rastafari. Start by reading books on the culture and the livity, then when the timing is right grow your holy crown. The Rastafari community loves those who love them selves and embrace our Culture.
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