Taurus Characteristics


Here is a Brief list of some of the taurus characteristics and personality traits!


The zodiac sign of Taurus is consistent and persistent in reaching his goals. He knows what he wants and is willing to work hard and long until he gets what the wants. How typical of the bull nature!

If you are a man or woman who hopes to be wined and dined by the Taurus zodiac …Think again! Then again…you may get “wined” and “dined”…just… at home!…with the most inexpensie of wines!…hee hee. Taurus characters like to spend his money on the important things…pleasurable moments that cost money will be created at the lowest price possible…This is just the bulls perspective on finances and how it should be spent.

Most Taurus characters are very physically strong! Just as their zodiac depiction suggests. Most males of this zodiac sign spend much time at the gym each week to maintain and sculpt their body to appear strong and attractive.

Despite being called the bull in astrology…Tauruses personalities are gentle, and avoid arguments and fighting as much as possible. This sign loves to graze and feel the air agains his face as the other bulls go by…or just enjoy playing some video games after a hard days work. Whichever one suits him better. hee hee

This gentleness is indicitive of Tauruses maturity in situations that call for someone with a level head. These personalities know that, should they begin to kick up their heals in anger, somebody is likely to get hurt! Therefore taurus tends to seem placid when really he is just mature and knows life and life situations are alot simpler than most people realize.

This zodiac personality dependable and responsible. They arrive for work on time and get the job done. They make excellent employees.

taurus zodiac characteristics:

positive taurus characteristics:


negative taurus characteristics:•self indulgent

Taurus Personlity Astrological Planet Rulership

In astrology Taurus planet rulership is Venus. This is not really Tauruses planet, it seems it hasn`t been discovered yet.

I would geuss that when the planet is discovered it would represent…

•What is physical
•Tactile Nature
•Hoarding Nature
•Knowing the self through environment
•Over indulgence

The indications cause Taurus zodiac to be most comfortable when at home, the character to keep things neat and organized in the home, likes furniture that is substantial in size, yet comfortable, enjoys soothing soft music, unsure how to react when upset…therefore he remains quiet or explodes. has the most durable of of household tools in the home for cooking and fixing anything broken, when he sleeps he sleeps deely, packs his cupboards with food to the absolute maximum, loves to watch moviges at home. I could go on and on

The Taurus male characteristics and taurus female characteristics in love

love heartThe taurus character when in love is that they are gently affectionate, like to spend their days off with the loved one and will telephone everyday at the same time. Taurus are willing to talk about everything under the sun…This is part of the reason the opposite gender becomes attracted to Taurus after only one or two casual conversations.

When Taurus personality love you they will…

•Introduce you to their friends and parents
•Invite you to dine out with them
•Pay for small shopping items
•Cater to your requests
•Forgive you for your shortcomings
•Keep the relationship issues private

Typical Taurus characteristics when in love:

Expectations in a love relationship…

•Expect lover to follow through on plans
•Understanding and patience
•Gentle words when needed
•Lover to enjoy physical affection
•Understanding of Taurus need for organization of items
•Respect Taurus work environment at home or outside of the home
•Money to be spent wisely
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Taurus characteristics at Work

On the job employment Taurus character needs…

•Work that is predictable, taururs personality likes regime
•Work where he can be steady, taurus personality is good at being persistent
•Minimal supervision, taurus pesonality is wise and requires minimal supervision from superiors
•Place that offers a benifits package, retirement and employment benifits are important to the taurus zodiac
•Work that pays well, taurus love to have lots of money to save up in the bank for a rainy dat
•Place where seniority is rewarded and well regarded, taurs likes to work his way up the ranks at work
•Place where social skills are not all that important, tuaruses skillls rest in his persistence and dependability
•Work that is predictable: Taurus character doesnt like situations that are volatile or forever changing. He needs familiarity and routine. He needs to know tha his tools and equipement will be right where he left them. An evironment tha is unpredictable or always changing can cause taurus to feel ouit of place. And this makes him unhappy.

Benifits Package: This zodiac sign are long term planners especially financially. The Bull appreciates knowing that money will be available should the need arise, therefor they are always planning ahead financially. I you have a tauurs in yoru life chances are he/she is solid as a rock! and provides you with the same sense of stability and comfort just knowing them.

Seniority: Once this zodiac sign starts something they either persist until it is complete or stick with it for a very long time. For this reason taurus prefers a working environment where seniority is rewarded. Most taurus dwork the same place for years adn dont even think of leaving or changing job titles. This is also due to the fact that taurus doesnt like change and feels most comfortable in familiar environments.

Best types of employment for Taurus personality

Something to do with the earth and building or Something that requires steadyness and persistence or with toddlers.

•Home Builder
•Real Estate Agent
•Foundation Specialist
•Deep Sea Drilling
•Parenthood Specialist
•Day Care Attendant

Some character traits the typical taurus character could improve on

•Become more deep feeling
•Get to know others before decideing to trust them
•Fall in love with relationships not items
•Become more expressive of feelings
•Aquire faith in things unseen instead of only hard matter

Typical child taurus characteristics
taurus child characteristics

•Will enjoy sweets
•Will have many many toys
•Feels cose to mom and dad
•Enjoys warm baths with bubbles
•Likes affection and kind gently spoken words of encouragement
•Is often quite
•Will play quietly and independently of for long periods of time

What to teach the young child tauruas

•Life is not about stuff
•How to use words to express a bad mood instead of temper tantrums
•that things in life do change from time to time and this is normal
•food is to nurish the body and not to overindulge on mom and dad love him so he can feel safe and secure in the world afterall

typical friend tuarus characteristics

As friends the Taurus zodiac sign are some of the best an individual can have. They are dependable, reliable, stable, secure and willing to help others in need emotionally and financially whenever they can.

Want to stay on the bulls good side? Show up for rendez-vous on time, apologize when you do wrong and when he/she gently invites you out on his days off…accept.

How to get on Taurus bad side?…Taurus personality doesnt really have too strong of a bad side they are very good at forgiving and forgetting.

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