Scorpio Characteristics

Scorpio Characteristics and Personality Traits

•penetrating – Scorpio characteristics
•obsessive – Scorpio characteristics
•passionate – Scorpio characteristics
• emotional – Scorpio characteristics
• passive aggressive – Scorpio characteristics
unforgiving – Scorpio characteristics
•dark – Scorpio characteristics
•understanding – Scorpio characteristics
•loyal – Scorpio characteristics
•realistic – Scorpio characteristics

The zodiac sign of Scorpio is penetrating and probing. Scorpio likes to have answers to their questions. Even if that question is just a wonder! Scorpio likes to know how people work…what makes them tick? This is how Scorpio feels he is getting to know him self. This is why Scorpio enjoys deep honest conversations with others.

If you are a man or a woman who doesn’t like to spend too much time in love play with your significant other…the Scorpio personality may not be your best love match. Scorpios like to express their passionate feelings about their partners, with their partners – physically.

All in all Scorpio zodiac personality is very kind and considerate of the thoughts and feelings, and needs of those close to him. Most than likely they are willing to take the time out to have a meaningful conversation with those close to them. Scorpios value honesty, within relationships above all else, and they detest being lied to or having the truth hidden from them.

The personality of the scorpion does not like change. This is the reason why they like to stick to the same lover and work environment for years, which is good!

Many Scorpios have hobbies and character traits that others would consider to be “dark.” Such as reading true crime novels, wanting to work in a funeral home, watching crime scene investigation shows etc. Scorpios understand that not all aspects of life are fun…and Scorpio seeks to understand the darker side.

Scorpio personality ruling planet is “Pluto” the planet of…

•creation after destruction
•pyschological reassessment of self

This causes ‘the scorpion” character to be…

•more intense in the bedroom than other zodiac personalities
•interested in playing mind games with people
•abilitiy to make excellent financial investments
•deep deep feelings
•appears to accept others at “face value”
•interested in the occult or death and life after death

Scorpio male and female characteristics when in love

•spends much time cuddling and showing affection to the partner
•accepts the partner as he / she is
•will advise the partner on many issues
•is committed loyal and dedicated to the relationship
•will take over the financial planning in the relationship
•is down to earth open and honest with the loved one

Scorpio expectations in love relationships..

•total spiritual / emotional devotion
•honesty and communication
•to be open
•to put the relationship and family above all else
•to enjoy intimacy and sharing of affection
•money to be spent and invested wisely
•to be told of things as they happen as opposed to later on “down the line”

Scorpio characters needs work /employment that is…

•realistic as opposed to superficial
•that allows him to move around
•allows him to be in charge of something or of others
•prefers to work alone
•work that is steady and persistent in nature as opposed to erratic
•prefers to work alone

Scorpio characters likes to do things their way. They have their reasons for doing things as they do and prefer not to have to explain them. This is why working alone suits Scorpio just fine. They also like working alone because it gives them time to reflect on experiences and discover what certain things or persons really meant.

Scorpio characteristics realistic as opposed to superficial: Scorpio personality is a very realistic down to earth water sign. They opt for the real over the superficial cause they know when it comes down to it all you really have is what is real. Fake only takes you back to the real any way. So they opt for the authentic to begin with. Such as jobs that help others, or deal with real issues.

Scorpio characteristics predictable: Scorpio personality is a “fixed” astrology signs like things that are predictable. This is why jobs that always change don’t interest this sign. They like to know what to expect, because to a Scorpio, a changing work place means constantly adjusting behaviours and the potential for things to go awry.

Work that is stead and persistent suits this zodiac character the best, such as welding, drilling, mining, research, anything that requires the mind to focus. Scorpios are good at that and enjoy it too. Or work that deals with real lives that require the advice or help of another.

best types of employment for the Scorpio characters:

•upscale chef
•funeral home attendant
•stocks and bonds trader
•mortgage broker
•retirement planner
•mid wife
•spirtitual adviser
•”love play” couples therapist
•head stone crematory

personality traits the Scorpio personality zodiac sign could improve

•learn to detach feelings from interactions with insignificant others
•become more active in activities rather than in “love play” with partner
•accept people as they are without concern for their behavior in the future
•learn ways to express love other than “physical” towards the partner
•resist the urge to penetrate the minds of other people

Characteristic of the Scorpio characteristics child

The Scorpio personality child will…

•love his brothers and sisters unconditionally
•stand up for his rights
•may enjoy revenge towards other children
•is curious about life and death and may have questions
•loves to observe the behaviour of others

what to teach “the young scorpion”…

•staring at other people is impolite
•savin money is an important part of life and he will be rewarded for this skill
•asking others personal questions might make them uncomfortable
•put love feelings into perspective…he / she will have many more love experiences
•mating is something that should be done as an adult it is inappropriate activity for children

The scorpion characteristics zodiac as a friend

Scorpio characteristics is that they are warm, welcoming, accepting of others, and always willing to listen to the concerns of a friend in need. In astrology Scorpio rules the 8th house of sex, death, regeneration, transformation, birth, the occult, and secrets! So if you want to discuss your problems with someone…elect the Scorpio in your life for this matter. They will not judge you due to your personal issues and love to keep a secret. This is a link to an in depth look at the zodiac sign of Scorpio.

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