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Moon Signs: Your emotional sensitivity and reaction and response

The moon sign, in Astrology is your sensitivity and how you handle emotionally inspiring situations. Issues that arouse our emotions can present this in any number of ways. By displaying Anger, frustration, sadness, revenge, passive aggression, verbal abuse, exuberance, outward affection, self-pity, there are so many emotional reactions we can have to the many people, situations and things, that stimulate us emotionally. Here is a list of some moon signs in certain zodiac signs and what they do for our emotional zodiac characteristics.

aries moon sign personality:

aries is a sign known for being somewhat self-centered. The moon is not so well placed here. The aries moon can be lacking in, empathy, sympathy, and overall emotional sensitivity. This does not mean aries are mean, or don’t have good intentions, oh no. Aries are some of the most like sign of the zodiac, they tend to be open friendly and a lot of fun to be around. However emotions, feelings, empathy are just not their strengths. However the zodiac sign of aries is very good at doing what you ask of him. Just remember an aries moon can be somewhat disconnect emotionally.

taurus moon sign personality:

The taurus moon sign personality likes to surround him self with beautiful things. The could be anything from, a beautiful house, a beautiful car, or even a beautiful girlfriend or boyfriend. Taurus moon signs, are very sensitive, however sometimes they don’t know how to deal with their own feelings of the feelings of others. When faced with a situation that is emotionally sensitive, the taurus moon may withdraw, to collect his thoughts and figure out the best course of action, or he may try to come up with an on the spot practical solution. Taurus moon signs are kind and caring.

Gemini moon sign personality:

the Gemini moon is sensitive. He or she is more likely to express discomfort by becoming angry, rather than to become sad. Gemini is a sign of dual nature, so they can be calm cool and collected one moment and flash into a rage at the next. Please understand it is rare to see a Gemini moon angry,

as they are a planet placement that is known for being empathetic and sympathetic whenever the need arises. The Gemini moon personality, is likely to be everybodys best friend, best co-worker, and favorite child. Gemini moons are also great at listening to feelings and providing simple yet practice solutions to life’s problems. Go Gemini moon.

cancer moon sign personality:

the cancer moon is supersensitive! Why? Because this is a water planet in a water sign. Not only that. The moon, in astrology, rules the zodiac sign of Cancer, therefore making this planetary position much stronger. Cancerians are sensitive empathetic sympathetic, caring and loving. Everything you would expect a water sign to be. The moon in cancer can cause a person to be too sensitive, and too easily hurt. The cancer moon may have a very hard time getting over lovers, and relationships that don’t work out. This is because the moon likes to be married and in a thriving happy relationship. Also cancerians have a liking for things of old, because they make them feel comfortable. The moon in cancer personality may enjoy collecting antiques, helping others, and eating hearty flavorful meals, more than most people. This is because this planetary placement likes domesticity, and all things related, times 2.

Leo moon sign personality:

The leo moon sign is easily hurt! Especially by loved ones. The zodiac sign of Leo likes to live life to the fullest, and enjoys making others happy. Leo is also the sign of love affairs, and the sex urge. Leo moon personalities, need to have a partner in their life. Otherwise they can feel out-of-place. They tend to fall in love, and stay in love with one person. Their egos are easy to bruise, so avoid telling them hurtful things without wrapping them in some honey first. Leo moon sign personalities are affectionate, caring, humourus, and very empathetic.

Virgo moon sign personality:

The earth signs are not the best placement for the moon. The Virgo moon is no exception. Virgo moons can have high expectations for those around. They may also need to be in an environment that is totally organized and clean in order to feel at ease. Virgo moons see emotions are something that is easily handled by taking practical steps to improve any given situation. This will come in handy when a friend needs advice. What the virgo moon personality must understand is that sometimes all people want is to be heard, and not given information. Virgo moon signs are good counsellors, because they have practical skill and the ability to put feelings into tangible

libra moon sign personality:

The moon works nicely in Libra. Libra moons tend to be kind, considerate, and affectionate. Libra moons have a tendency to want harmony in all places and situations. They are great at introducing friends to new friends. Libra moons need to guard against giving too much of them selves to others, and not getting much back in return. The moon placement is at his best self when he has a romantic love partner to share his life with. Other wise he is not him self. This planetary placement cause good child counsellors, matchmakers, and wedding planners, as they always consider both parties of any couple. Good work Libra moon.

Scorpio moon sign personality:

The moon is deep and powerful here. The Scorpio moon doesn’t let any feelings of others slip by him. He is penetrating, profoundly caring, and protective of his own emotions. Scorpio is the sign secrets. The Scorpio moon can keep any secret, and he has many of his own, which he may or may not allow you the privilege of knowing. The Scorpio moon can be afraid of the world, and the pain that hurt feelings can cause. The Scorpio moon needs to learn he is not the only one who feels this way…it is a part of life. Scorpio moons are not afraid of the deep feelings of others, in fact, they are that kind, passerby who stops to help and truly has the best interest of others at heart. They make great, bosses, parents, and midwives.

Sagittarius moon sign personality:

The feelings will not show so much in this placement. It is likely that a person with the moon in Sagittarius will become withdrawn, when emotions get too deep. This is because he himself is trying to figure them out. Sagittarius moons need others around them around the clock. They like to socialize, laugh and enjoy being the center of attention. Feeling the feeling of their own feelings is not their strong point. They are great at feeding of fun, fresh, energy of others around them. The Sagittarius moon is well liked wherever he goes because he is always looking for fun and light-hearted conversation. The Sagittarius moon is good at, hosting dinner parties, attending a dinner party as a guest, and throwing a surprise birthday party for others.

Capricorn moon sign personality:

The Capricorn moon likes to follow the rules. The moon is not so well placed here. Capricorn moons can seem insensitive, and set in their ways. The take offense to those who choose to step outside of the rule books. However this placement must learn that when it comes to feelings and emotions, there are no rules. This placement will offer practical advice to those who come to him with emotional issues. He will have to learn on his own, that sometimes people just want to be heard. The Capricorn moon can be harsh on his loved ones if he doesnt watch him self. Try to pretend life is a big cotton ball, treat is like that, try to keep the cotton ball soft and subtle by listening to the feelings of others and resisting the urge to take action.

Aquarius moon sign personality:

The Aquarius moon, is detached, smart, and always willing to help out a friend. They are not the emotional type. They prefer to overcome issues and situations methodically, and over time. Aquarius moons do well in social type settings as this zodiac sign does represent group gatherings and friendships. Aquarius moons do not hold on to hurts caused by others. Life is much too fun, and there is too much to do…this is the mind-set of the Aquarius moon. This moon sign placement, is good at keeping the peace, being the leader, and creating lasting friendships.

Pisces moon sign personality:

The Pisces moon can be untrusting of the world and the people around him. He may feel like hurting others if he feels they may eventually hurt him. When the Pisces moon is not feeling insecure, he is loving, caring, sensitive and very supportive. A Pisces moon personality needs to feel loved by all persons around him at all times other wise he can sink deep into unsettling emotional worry. Pisces moons make great parents, partners, natural healers, and teachers. They can easily tune into the feelings of others whenever the need arises, and genuinely enjoy helping others. Go Pisces moon.

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