Love & Zodiac Character Traits


Love and Zodiac Character Traits

zodiac signs love compatibility is about more than just your sun sign. There are 10 planets of the zodiac Jupiter, Venus, Neptune, Mars, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Moon, Sun, and Mercury. All have a role to play in our personalities and our compatibility with other zodiac signs. Two people can be opposite star signs and still be compatible by way of the other planets zodiac sign placements. You may also want to read about what makes a soul mate?, according to astrology, and find out the 3 best love matches for your zodiac sign

Love compatibility of zodiac fire signs:

The fire signs of the zodiac are Aries Leo and Sagittarius. They are all compatible with other fire signs but are also compatible with air signs. Fire signs in astrology represent action and energy. They are generally very helpful to friends and have an abundance of opionions and life experience to share with friends and loved ones. These zodiac signs are never boring to be around. The fire signs are compatible with those who like to enjoy life and wearing the most expensive of clothing.

If you are in love with a fire sign they may get on your nerves a little bit with their honesty, and want want want. However they are very driven which can cause loved one to feel second in importance. Just know that a fire signs likes to see things done and they are addicted to doing things. Its just how they are.

The great thing about these zodiac sign elements is…you will never be bored around them, most fire signs love to be active, doesn’t only have to be sports, but travel, adventure, visiting pals, fire signs want to do it all. They are quite inspiring and usually quite successful in life and very quickly too. Fire signs dont have “time” to work their way up the ladder. They want the big income now! So they know they must prove to their superiors why they should recieve the big pay check and they usually do this with ease. Most fire signs will assist you with whatever you need, because they have the energy to burn. I think fires signs are great.

Aries in love: Demonstrative, affectionate, likes to take his mate out for dates, check the aries love compatibility here

Leo in love: Extremely generous, shy, trys to impress his date by making them laugh. Get leo love compatibility here.

Sagittarius in love: Buys his date expensive gifts, enjoys intelligent conversation, will be eager to take things to the next level.

These signs are compatible with there own fire signs and air signs as well.

Compatibility of zodiac earth signs:

The earth signs of the zodiac are Capricorn Virgo and Taurus. They are all compatible with other earth signs but are also compatible with water signs. Earth signs in astrology represent stability and other earthly qualities. They generally very sociable and make friends easily. They are compatible with those who understand their need for financial security and the creature comforts of life.

If you are in love with an earth sign just know that…are you ready?….you may be some what of a possession to them, especially Taurus. They are not doing this consciously its just that this is how they understand the world. Acquire and keep. However if you like to acquire items on a regular basis, the too of you just might be compatible.

About love compatibility with an earth sign…If you want someone who will always be there for you, who is stable, level headed secure and down to earth, and mature…then you will love an earth sign….earth signs have a calmness, almost a safe feeling with them. They are steady and you can sense all of this when you walk into their homes. The large pieces of furniture, wall to wall carpeting, big screen tv, everything in its right place, and every tool man kind has ever made. Earth signs like to feel that they are prepared and as a result if you are in love with one you will also feel prepared. Go earth signs!

Taurus in love…Taurus is dependable, shows up on time, and settles quickly into the routine of the relationship. Check out taurus love compatibility with other signs here.

Capricorn in love…Capricorn will take you out for entertainment and fine dining, will expect you to be your best dressed beside him, will talk about himself and his accomplishments within the relationship and while dating allot!

Virgo in love…Finds fault easily, is a great conversationalist, will like to keep things in order, really does want to settle down

These signs are compatible with other earth signs and water signs as well.

Love compatibility of zodiac air signs:

The air signs of the zodiac are Libra ,Gemini and Aquarius. They are all compatible with their own signs but are also compatible with fire signs. Air signs are typically very chatty…they see life from a intellectual stand point, loving someone for these signs means lots of communication and friendship. They are best suited to those who don’t mind lengthy conversations and someone who doesn’t mind doing A LOT of listening!

If you are in love with an air sign they probably just adore you but rarely like to admit it. When an air sign meets someone with whom they are compatible they lose them selves int he relationship.

What you should know about air signs. If you are in love with one and not an air sign your self…they may seem a little bit off the wall. Air signs love useless chatter…this is what they live for…dont get me wrong…they show up on time for dates…but they love to have light meaning less conversations such as, ” I love you more…no I love you more…!” They like to share and recieve information especially with their partners and especially Gemini and Libra. This is what makes them happy and feel a mental connection and stimulation from their partner. So if your air mate does this…just know its their way of telling you they love you.

Libra in love…Libra will be affectionate, attentive, and very engaged in the relationship. Check out libras love compatibility here.

Gemini in love…Gemini will talk a whole lot, support you in whatever you need, will let you lead the relationship. Get compatibility for love with Gemini on this page.

Aquarius in love…will plan for you and him 6 months down the line, will slowly take of the financial planning, will spend much time working. Aquarius love compatibility with all the other signs here.

These signs are compatible with other air signs and fire signs as well.

Love compatibility of zodiac water signs:

The water signs of the zodiac are Pisces Scorpio and cancer. All of these signs are compatible with their own but are also compatible with earth signs. Water signs are `the feelers`of the zodiac. They are particularly sensitive to the moods and words of other people. A good relationship for these people means sharing deep feelings and being honest and upfront. Water zodiac signs are most compatible with someone they can trust to be sensitive to their needs and wants.

If you are in love with a water sign, you might feel drained. Water signs are emotionally draining with all of their own emotions that they want to share. They expect their partners to care about feelings just as much as they do. I hope for your sake you do…or else…

How to be compatible with a water sign.

•Allow them to cling to you…
•Allow them to share their feelings with you…
•be willing to share your too…
•just know that they may literally cry if they feel that you are withholding negative information….they always feel that others want to hurt them….

A Water sign needs, lots of comfort…support, stability, and love….if you can give a water sign these things…they will blossom…not to the point of being emotinally independent. But just enough to allow you to take a “wash room break” some times.

Pisces in love will settle quickly to his or her role in the relationship. Most will expect the other partner to lead, and be a sound board for all of pisces ups and downs feelings. Pisces will be sweet caring and considerate in love.

Scorpio in love “makes the relationship work!” Arguments won’t get very far, as scorpio takes his love partners thoughts and feelings to heart and wants to be with the same person for as long as is humanly possible. Scorpio in love is dedicated, commited and always supportive.

Cancer in love is clingy and very kind caring and sweet. Cancerians date to be married, there is no in between. He sees his mate as his soon to be spouse and will act accordingly, cooking fantastic family dinners, having discussions for the future, and going shopping for the home to be. Cancerians are one of the best zodiac signs for marriage!

How an Astrologer uses Synastry to check compatibility between astrology charts

Compatibility of the zodiac signs in astrology is called “synastry.” Synastry is when the two astrological charts of both people are cast (drawn up) and then super imposed one on the other. This way an astrologer is able to see in what areas of life and how one partner will effect the other. Pretty cool huh! Also in synastry the planets and their sign placements are analyzed to check for compatibility of the zodiac signs and that particular planet. One key piece of information an astrologer checks is the mars zodiac sign of the man in comparison to the Venus placement of the zodiac sign for the woman. This way we can tell how compatible two people are by knowing whether both parties needs will be fulfilled.

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