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capricorn and aries compatibility:

…These two are of different elements there fore they are not seen as the best love match. However creating a comfortable life with lots of money to spend is important to both these signs. Aries is a great bread winner and provider. Capricorn is also a great bread winner and provider. As a team these two will do just fine.

capricorn and capricorn compatibility:

This will create a “soul mate” experience. It is said in astrology that the best sign for you is always your own. Two capricorns in love will understand eachothers need for comfort and stability. They will save a good amount of money for retirement and enjoy spending money on the creature comforts of life.

capricorn and gemini compatibility:

These two will have fun together. The gemini will teach the capricorn how to lighten up and have fun. The capricorn will teach the gemini the importance of planning. These two are great as partners. However they have different ideas about the ideal love relationship. The best thing would be for them to discuss their expectations of love with eachother. This way each partner will not what makes the other happy.

capricorn and cancer compatibility:

These two are opposite zodiac signs. This is not categorized as the best love match in astrology. However having a relationship with your opposite can be good. You will see in them the qualities you need to improve on. However it has been my experience that these relationships either result in a love that lasts forever and creates a constant passion for the other partner. Or tires one or both of the people involved out to the point of knowing that they would be better off alone than with each other. It is up to the two involved to decide. Also its good to have a complete personality assessment done to know just how compatible a couple really is.

capricorn and leo compatibility:

These two are very different. One is about limitation, authority, and setting long term goals, the other is about, fun, love and living in the moment. These two can learn alot from each other, but when it comes to love they may frustrate eachother more than make eachother happy. Some tiems their are other planets in the birth chart that can make two people compatible, but in this case they are just so different I wouldnt bet on it.

capricorn and virgo compatibility:

These two make a vey good love match. They are both of the same element. In astrology love compatibility is about compatible elements which creates harmony. Two earth signs will understand eachothers need for comfort, organization, stable income, and saving money for the future.

capricorn and libra compatibility:

These two are not the best match. Initially it may seem like a match made in heaven. Both are very outgoing, like to dress up and enjoy socializing with friends. But later they may question just how compatible they really are with eachother. Capricorn is an earth sign and wise, mature, and likes to follow the rules. Libra is an air sign, easy going, flirtatious, and loves to have fun. Go figure.

capricorn and scorpio compatibility:

These two can make a fine love match. Scorpio is sensitive and perceptive. Capricorn is wise and mature. These two would make great parents and partners. These two will be able to make lots of money together if they also come together as business partners.

capricorn and sagittarius compatibility:

Typically earth signs like capricorn, like to save money, and typically fires signs such as sagittarius like to spend money. Now these two could be compatible if capricorn is willing to make the money and allow sagittarius to spend it. Then there would be great harmony between these two zodiac signs. But should capricorn try to restrict the sagittarius in anyway shape or form (as capricorns are so good at this because they are ruled by saturn, planet of limitations) there may be hell to pay. Sagittarius is ruled by expansive jupiter and always wants his room to play however he feels. Those that try to tell him what to do or how to do it, wont stick around for too long. The sagittarius temper will come boiling out and soon. These two may be no longer.

capricorn and taurus compatibility:

These two are right for eachother. They both plan for the future. are smart about spending, and both like to walk into a room and be admired for their nicely tailored attire. both capricorn and taurus believe in working hard to earn the quality of life desired. They will have much to talk about in later years.

capricorn and aquarius compatibility:

These two are similar in certain ways. They like to plan for the long haul. They both rather to save a dollar than spend a dollar. The are both very wise and mature. However with these two zodiac signs in love, a person may wonder where has the love gone? These two may get so caught up in planning that there may not be any room for relationship. But from what I know both these zodiac signgs are quite happy living for the future and maximizing the present moment. In my opinion, they make better business partners than lovers.

capricorn and pisces compatibility:

These two can get on fine. Pisces is sensitive and thoughtful. Capricorn is mature and stable. These two compliment eachother and will be able to see past eachothers not so complimentary character traits of their zodiac sign. The Pisces will create a comfortable home for the hard working capricorn…and capricorn takes care of the details for life in the long run.

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