12 Zodiac Signs Meanings

The Earth Signs:

Virgo Zodiac, Taurus Zodiac, Capricorn Sign,

Virgo Characteristics

Virgo zodiac signs meanings is analytical exacting and discriminating. The zodiac representation of Virgo is the virgin. Pure, clean, and untampered. This is indicative of Virgos need for order and cleanliness and purity. As lovers Virgos can be a little bit unusual. They enjoy playing with their lovers hair and enjoy their partners in all ways that they can come up with. On the flip side Virgos can be very hard on those close to them because they have high expectations for those around them, not realizing that not everybody has the same ability to categorize and analyze as quickly and keenly as they have. In general Virgos are sociable intelligent and make great employees and friends. Are you compatible with Virgo? check out the zodiac compatibility chart to find out.

Taurus Characteristics

Taurus zodiac meanings is a sign of discipline, practicality regimen and adherence…its not that Taurus is not fun they are…just as long as it doesn’t mess up their schedule. Taurus are very hard working and love to have a lot of money saved up in the bank. This makes them feel secure in life. Taurus also likes to furnish their house in furniture that makes them feel warm and cozy such as large couch pieces and wall to wall carpeting. Taurus likes good food and watching movies. Why because they enjoy entertainment that is inexpensive and fun. Taurus usually has lots of friends that trust Taurus, and and who come over for a visit regularly. Whats Taurus motto in life? “Keep it cheap so we have more for later.”

Capricorn Characteristics

The Capricorn zodiac sign meaning serious, goal oriented, status seeking, practical, wise and outgoing. Capricorns can make great leaders. They follow the rules and remain steady on the job as employees, which quickly allows for them to get promoted. They like the best quality clothes and accessories. They are full of energy and make friends easily. Want to steal the heart of a Capricorn? Show them that you have your life together, and that you respect authority. Capricorn is a rule follower, and like to adhere to the rules of life…they also respect this quality in others.

The common Trait shared between Earth Signs according to astrology, is that they make great builders of wealth, home, and material neccessities. Earth signs understand the need for creature comforts and tools for living life day to day, for enjoyment and success.

The Air Signs:

Libra Zodiac, Aquarius Zodiac, Gemini Sign,

Libra Characteristics

Libra zodiac sign meaning. The Libra zodiac sign meaning is of the scales, balancing “to and fro.” Libra loves to have equality in almost everything they do. They make good judges of character parents and stylists due to their ability to weigh and balance. Libras are friendly charming flirtatious and easy going. There motto in life? “The more the merrier….” this in reference to more people…more fun….and more glamour. Libras are extremely affectionate and protective of loved ones. If you want to make a Libra happy buy them something really nice in the colour red.

Gemdini Characteristics

Gemini zodiac sign meaning. Gemini zodiac sign meaning is of the twins. Geminis are known to have dual personality. This is slightly inaccurate. The dual personality actually comes from the Gemini’s temper. So, as long as they don’t get angry in your presence you will never see the other side of that Gemini. Besides having a temper that is explosive… Gemini’s are very caring loyal and loving. They make great best friends and parents, because they always try to support their loved ones in any way needed. Geminis can be manipulative when they want something….but do not be too concerned about this. Gemini is so smooth you wont even know the manipulation is taking place.

Aquarius Characteristics

Aquarius: zodiac sign meaning and characteristics futuristic, frugal, independent, and friendly…detached and great planners. Aquarius make great friends. They are kind and supportive. They enjoy planning for the future and keeping things organized. Most own a day planner, and are always on time for meetings. Aquarius can be a little plain sometimes, but always polite and always friendly. Personally I find aquarius a little more about ideas than actually living the idea. They are enthusiastic about conversing about any and everything, they can have you on the edge of your seat with their open minds. But don’t ask them to back up their chatter with actions. Wont happen.

The common Trait shared between Air Signs according to astrology, is that they tend to be intellectual and detached. Air signs make great Artists, communicators, Acitvists, and leaders. They have a natural ability to communicate thier message and they enjoy representing the people. Air signs are also a lot of fun to be around, because they enjoy stimulating the minds of others and watching or hearing their reaction.

The Water Signs:

Pisces Zodiac, Scorpio Zodiac Cancer Zodiac

Pisces Characteristics

Pisces zodiac sign meanings and characteristics; dreamy, moody, vengeful, caring idealistic, fun, believing, open! Pisces’s are idealistic dreamers. About what? About everything. They are ruled by Neptune which also causes them to be unrealistic about some things too. Pisces zodiac sign meaning is that they are very sensitive people. You may hurt their feelings and don’t even know it, and they are already planning to hurt you back, and do follow through. So, want to get along with a Pisces….? Always be upfront and honest about everything. And smile around them to show them that you still think fondly of them. Once you get to know Pisces, they will be your biggest supporter. Deep down they are very loving and caring.

Scorpio Characteristics

Scorpio zodiac sign meaning. The symbol of Scorpio is of the phoenix or the Scorpio. Both of these make sense when it comes to the personality and meaning of the Scorpio zodiac. Scorpios watch and observe others before deciding how they them selves should respond to a person. Also Scorpios have been known to “transform” themselves, whenever they feel the need. The symbol of the phoenix is indicative of these transformations. Scorpios appreciate honesty in all matters and can be very hurt if the truth is not revealed to them ahead of time. Scorpios zodiac signs meanings is that they are helpful understanding and always willing to assist others.

Cancer Characteristics

Cancer zodiac signs Cancer is one of my favourite zodiac signs. They like things associated with family including but not limited to family heir looms….they enjoy things that are old and remind them of the past. This is a comfort to cancer who can easily feel insecure in new environments. Cancer loves a stable home and lots of family to fill it even if they have to create it them selves. Dinner time is especially important to a cancerian because this is an opportunity for the family to get together. Cancerians love their mothers and for this reason, cancerian men tend to love their wives with the respect and appreciation most women desire in a mate. Cancerians also make great parents as the rule the fourth house being of home family parenthood and mothering. Cancerians are sensitive and need lots of love and conversation.

The Fire Signs:

Aries Zodiac, Sagittarius Zodiac, Leo Sign,

Aries Characteristics

Aries zodiac sign meaning Aries zodiac sign meaning is of the ram. This is indicative of Aries personality to continue pushing along until they get what they want. This applies to just about everything that they do! They set a goal and go for it! Aries can also be aggressive, rude, and inconsiderate….this is common of the fire signs….this may have to do with the fact that when they get an idea in mind, they can see only the completion or fulfilment of that idea and cannot understand feelings at that moment until after the fact. Aries are very helpful because helping others allows them to burn off that energy they are always carrying around from their planetary ruler mars.

Sagittarius Characteristics

The Sagittarius zodiac sign meaning. Sagittarius is ruled by optimistic Jupiter which is one of the largest planets in the solar system. When Sagittarius wants something they don’t let anything or anyone stand in their way. (typical of the fire signs) Sagittarius is known to be generous optimistic down to earth and wanting to enjoy the finer things in life. Sagittarius tends to change career a few times in life purely to increase their earnings in order to buy beautiful things. Sagittarius are inspiring to others and make a great friend.

Leo Characteristics

Leo zodiac sign meaning is of the lion. Leos “dream life come true” would consist of lots of respect, admiration money and power….and lots of play with money such as gambling at casinos and bingo halls, and of course…the race track! Leos are ruled by the sun…so they can’t help that their personalities are larger than life sometimes. You would never think that by this description that Leos could be as generous, fun, and open minded as they are. Leos zodiac signs meaning is that they want to have fun…and they want the world to have fun with them….this is why earning a good income is so important to them. They do not want their friends to get bogged down in the “money” aspect of having fun.

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