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Jamaican Women have a different way of thinking and different personality. You have come to the right place to learn about them. As a Jamaican woman my self, who lives in Canada, I can offer a trusted opinion and perspective about Jamaican women and their culture. Here are 8 things you should know about Jamaican Women (generally speaking). Not every Jamaican woman will fit this mold…just so you know.

#1 …Soft as a Kitten inside

jamaican women
Jamaican Women are soft as a Kitten inside, but if you don’t know us personally, or very well, you may think the contrary. Take your time in getting to know is naturally. We, will come around in time. That’s just how it is in Jamaican Culture.

#2 Tough as nails…

Some Jamaican women are tough as nails. Not all…but some. There are many factors that can cause this…it may be where they grew up…perhaps their neneighborhoodequired them to be “tough” in order to survive. Some Jamaican women are tough, because that is how people were in their family. So, it’s just like us and our Culture, just different. Some behaviors we learned from our parents…and never really noticed that perhaps they were not the best behaviors.

#3 Love to Laugh

Some Jamaican women love to Laugh, and laugh out loud. This again is our Culture. Some Jamaican women pride themselves on having the loudest and most outrageous laugh. That is just our Culture. So, if you are dating a Jamaican woman don’t expect her to laugh quietly because she probably won’t. lol.

#4 Love a clean and tidy home

I can’t stress this enough. Mess and uncleanliness is distressing to many Jamaican women, myself included. If you go into her home, or if she enters yours, she expects neatness and cleanliness. If you are the type to harbour dirt, and just throw clothes on the floor…she will probably yell at you. Just our Jamaican Culture.

#5 Jamaican Women are very Sexy

sexy jamaican woman
Many Jamaican women have curves that make heads turn. Jamaicans love being sexy and love to show it off. If you know a Jamaican woman who dresses a little too revealing and in clothes that are a little too tight, again, it’s our Culture. If it doesn’t look good, just give her a gentle hint, she will probably take your advice.

#6 Jamaican women cook Jamaican food

Ok so, Jamaican women tend to cook Jamaican food. To us in the west this food may be considered “heavy” to Jamaicans this type of Jamaican food is considered “Hearty” and healthy, and “…will make you strong.” Jamaican culture is a Culture of strength, we don’t eat too much “light” salad, but we love, some greens…like Ocra, and Green Pepper and Spinach. Again these are considered strength building foods.

#7 Jamaican Women & Love

american woman jamaican man
When a Jamaican woman falls in love, you will find her to be your greatest Ally and confidant. Jamaican women take time to love, but when we love we love “hard.” We need our personal space from time to time, but we always have our special man in the back of our mind…thats the truth! Check out this blog post on “8 Reasons Jamaican Women Love White Men.”

#8 How to keep a Jamaican Woman Happy?

happy jamaican woman
Well, it’s easy to keep a Jamaican woman happy. We are a women that “go with the flow” quite easily. Some things Jamaican women like are… going to the nail and hair salon, and going out for a night of dancing. For more tips on how to Keep a Jamaican woman happy, please read this blog post.

Jamaican women: 21 things about dating a Jamaican woman.

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