10 Reasons Jamaican men love white women

jamaican man white woman
  1.  White women are easier to get a long with – White women I am told, by some Jamaican men, that white women are easier to get a long with. That white women are easy going and dont tend to jump to the negative. That white women like to experience things that some Jamaican black women are just not into.
  2. White women have nice skin – I am told white women have nice skin. Some black men are just more attracted to a lighter skin tone. I am also told that white women have skin that feels soft…and that black men enjoy touching it…
  3. jamaican men love white womenWhite women are Beautiful – White women have nice features such as nice blue and green eyes, long naturally straight hair, and nice slim lips. Black men have confessed to me after much probing that they find these features appealing, and a turn on.
  4. White women tend to have their stuff in order – Jamaican men have told me that White women have their lives together. They tend to have their own home of some sort, their own bank balance, and perhaps even a car. White women have their financial futures set and that makes Jamaican men feel like they are both bringing something to the table.
  5. S*x with white women a turn on – Some Jamaican men have told me they enjoy having s*x with a white woman more because they like the differences in the skin tone, and hair texture. Makes sense.
  6. White women are “nicer.” – I was told by one Jamaican friend of mine that he dates white women because they are “nice” I asked him what he meant by this. He said they spend money on him and don’t see it as anything bad. He said white women also don’t readily jump to conclusions…that they ask questions, before assuming the worst.
  7.  jamaican men like white womenWhite women Keep themselves slim – Jamaican men say that white women keep themselves slim and fit. That they are more conscious about their weight. That white women look good in anything they put on because they have the nice slim body to look good in their clothes. hmmm. nice to know.
  8. White women more open minded – Jamaican men say that white women tend to be more open minded over all but particularly in the bedroom. Jamaican men say they feel more “free” with white women to be themselves.
  9. White women smell nice! – Some Jamaican men have told me jamaican men white womenthat white women smell nice. I asked one friend of mine what he meant by this…in more detail. He told me that the products white women use on their hair and the perfumes they wear smell feminine and nice and not too strong. That he liked the way the white women he dated smelled. As if they really “took care” of themselves as women. I thought this made sense.
  10. Making mixed children is beautiful – Many Jamaican men have the desire to have mixed children from they are young, and like white women because half white children are the cream of the crop to many Jamaican men.


Well I guess just like many interracial relationships, Jamaican men and white women are attracted to each other because “opposites attract.” Its a beautiful thing.
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