How to make friends in Jamaica

How to Make Friends in Jamaica

The Island of Jamaica is a very hot and friendly place. Jamaican people in general are very open minded especially when it comes to meeting foreigners. Here are 8 tips and ideas to help you make friends in Jamaica.

  1. smile jamaicaSmile when you meet a Jamaican – Jamaicans are highly responsive to positive energy. Smile at a Jamaican and they will smile back. Jamaicans are not shy, who knows they may strike up conversation with you after sharing a responsive smile.
  2. Always say good morning, afternoon, evening – Jamaicans are big on Greetings appropriate for the time of day. In Jamaican culture it is seen as polite to greet others even strangers especially in the morning. An innocent greeting is a great way to meet some new people in Jamaica.
  3. Show interest in Jamaican CultureJamaican culture is wide and colorful. When you meet a Jamaican, ask questions about the culture. Jamaicans will warm up to you quickly when you show interest in their culture.
  4. Share your alcohol – /this is a very easy way to make fjamaican white rumriends in Jamaica. Jamaica is not full of hard core drinkers, but those who drink tend to stick together. If you want to make some new friends, simply invite other to your place for some Jamaican white rum, or some John Crow Batty rum, it works every time.
  5. Ask Jamaicans for directions – When in Jamaica, ask Jamaicans for directions. When you do so, they will most likely ask you where you are from. Jamaicans enjoy meeting foreigners, and continuing the friendship
  6. Ask a Jamaican to cook for you – A very easy way to make friends in Jamaica is to ask a Jamaican to cook some Jamaican food for you. Many friendships are formed over good food, and good conversation.
  7. Express your love and excitement for Jamaica –Express your love and excitement for Jamaica with Jamaicans. Many Jamaicans will offer to take you for a tour, or tell you where to go to take in some of the beauty of popular Jamaican hot spots. This is a great way to meet new people and make friends in Jamaica.
  8. sumfest_logoAttend social event in Jamaica – When you attend social events in Jamaica, you can meet 2 types of potential friends, those who come from Jamaica, and those who come from foreign. Social events such as “Reggae Sumfest,” are a great opportunity to mingle with others who are foreign to Jamaica but perhaps from a different part of the world than you, and also native Jamaicans.Jamaica is a very warm and friendly place. It is easy to make new friends and have fun in Jamaica. Come to Jamaica and see for yourself.  Irie!

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