10 things Jamaicans Like

Things that make

Jamaican People Happy



  1. 20130715-jerk-chicken-final-food-lab-38A “Hearty Jamaican Meal” – Jamaicans like delicious food. Jamaican Food is typically delicious, and its very hearty. Hearty is how westerners say “heavy” for any Jamaicans that may be reading this. Jamaicans are known to eat delicious food such as Jamaican Curry Goat, Jamaican Oxtail, and Jamaican Stew Chicken….yum!
  2. Card/board Games – “Crazy 8’s” and “Donkey” are 2  common  card games in Jamaica. Jamaicans love card games because its a way to use your mind to “win” and have some fun. Jamaican really like Board games too. “Ludie” is a popular board game in Jamaica.
  3. 10 things jamaican like2Black American comedy – Jamaicans are excellent “laughers”. We love Jamaican Comedy and just as much we love Black American Comedy. Its almost like knowing Americans made the comedy makes it that much funnier for us Jamaicans.
  4. Any sport with Jamaicans – All I know is, when Usain Bolt was running in the Olympics, us Jamaicans were glued to the screen, yes myself included. Jamaicans expected Jamaicans in sports to win. So, we watch with expectation and excitement, just as if it were us who was playing. Just a spirit for sports I guess.
  5. Back-a-Yard! – Jamaican people love Jamaica. I know manyjamaicans love jamaica Jamaicans living here in Toronto who go home once, and sometimes twice a year. Yard is where the Jamaican heart is.
  6. Nice expensive perfume – Ok so I don’t really get this one myself, but Jamaican people love nice expensive perfume. Like I said I don’t really get it, but I know Jamaicans love to smell nice sometimes regardless of the time.
  7. Great Reggae Music – Jamaicans are music people. We love music, live through music, and considering our track record we are darn good at it. Great Reggae music lives in the heart and bones of many Jamaican people. Myself included.
  8. Playing dominoes – Many Jamaican men love to play dominoes, drink beer and yell about the game. Yelling is part of the fun. Mostly Jamaicans yell when they are winning at dominoes. LoL.
  9. 10 things jamaicans like“Jamaican” Beer – OK so Heineken and Guinness are not Jamaican beers. But these two types of beer are so ingrained in Jamaican Culture they may as well be. Another beer that Jamaicans love to drink is “Jamaican Red Stripe”
  10. The Jamaican Flag – Anything with the Jamaican flag on it is well liked by a Jamaican. Jamaicans are proud of their roots and their culture, and like to keep items that display the Jamaican flag. Such a Jamaican Belt Buckle, Jamaican Flag Hats, or Jamaican Flag T-shirts etc.

Blesssed Love. Thanks for Reading. King Selassie I.

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