18 things not to do when you travel to Jamaica

jamaican woman white man3The List you are about to read is not meant to be a put down to Jamaica or Jamaican people.I wrote this list because I have found that some foreigners think that Jamaica is one of those Vacation spots where a person can get drunk and use drunkenness as an excuse to act stupid. That is the culture in Canada and America.If I did not feel that Jamaica was safe I wouldn’t be making plans to move and live there myself. So, this blog post is for the foreign mind who needs to be brought up to speed, on Jamaican Culture so you can party and vacation safe. Knowledge is power.

  1. Don’t stay in a cheap motel and leave expensive items behind in your room while you are out
  2. Don’t get high act stupid when you are at the bar or club in Jamaica
  3. tension-headacheDon’t get drunk around people you don’t know while in Jamaica
  4. Don’t set your iPhone/ cell phone down, not for one minute around others you do not know. Not all people in Jamaica steal, many Jamaicans have there own gadgets, however Jamaicans do love expensive gadgets, and some do steal, just like anywhere else.
  5. Don’t sleep/flirt with another woman’s husband (living together isjamaican manjamaican men considered marriage in Jamaican Culture)
  6. Don’t sleep/flirt with another mans wife (living together is considered marriage in Jamaican Culture)
  7. Don’t borrow thousands of dollars without knowing you can pay it back, on time in the agreed amount. A Foreign woman lost her life like that.
  8. Don’t expect Jamaicans to act like the people do back home. Jamaica is Jamaica, back home is back home.
  9. Don’t take drugs and get high surrounded by men and you are a woman, and not expect someone to want to have sex with you
  10. Don’t Go out with lots of “cash” money and “flash” it around
  11. white women jamaican menDon’t Tell Jamaican people off because they will not play around to teach you a lesson
  12. Don’t Wear expensive jewelry out in public, in Jamaica.
  13. Don’t Let everyone/anyone know you have a laptop
  14. Don’t go in a car with stranger and lots of money in your wallet to an unknown territory. You could be set up to get robbed.
  15. Don’t Travel late at night in Jamaica with people you don’t know, I don’t care if you are in a couple or not.
  16.  Don’t Take unlicensed taxi drivers. I did take some unlicensed taxi drivers. But people kept warning me not to. The licensed taxi driver is the one who ripped us off. See, so its the person not the certification.
  17. Don’t  Assume that Jamaican people and other tourists people will respect your boundaries and requests
  18. Don’t go around telling every body in Jamaica how wealthy you are back home 

9 Best Practices for visiting Jamaica

  1. JAMAIC~1dress casual,
  2. keep your money in the bank
  3. don’t assume every one is your “friend.”
  4. Leave your expensive/important items back home if you can
  5. Stay in an expensive hotel if you can
  6. Don’t act like you “run things”
  7. Be humble
  8. go out in a group you if you can.
  9. Don’t get high and stoned with lots of money in your pocket in a public place

This list was not meant to scare you. Jamaica is a lot of fun, the Jamaican people are very friendly, but there are those Jamaican  people who do hurt people and don’t give a crap about it. Weather they are Jamaican or weather they are foreign. So, be safe.

Happy Travel. Blessed. Respect.

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