Jamaican men charactersitics

Jamaican Men Characteristics

things jamaican men like in a woman

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If you are new to dating Jamaican men, this list of 6 Jamaican man characteristics may be helpful to you.

  1. Jamaican man Silence – Jamaican men need their space to recharge their batteries. They don’t like to have a woman or anybody else for that matter constantly talking to them every day without taking a break. I myself am like that too.
  2. Very Rough Intimately – Some Jamaican men like to do thattumblr_lyqspmTsu01qjbftxo1_400 rough. Some are gentle. I only said some are gentle to be fair….I haven’t really met one. Anyway, most women tend to like it rough anyway…as far as I know.
  3. Jamaican men can get Aggravated when Hungry – this is normal isn’t it? Many Jamaican men get aggravated when they get hungry. I am not a man, but who smiles and is in a cheerful mood when they are hungry? Jamaican men love to eat hearty Jamaican food, so read up on some Jamaican food Recipes in my book, “How to Date a Jamaican man.”
  4. Jamaican men are known to have 2 Women – This does not apply to all Jamaican men, it depends how he view you. Read my book called “21 Things about Dating Jamaican men” to learn more.
  5. jamaican man white womanJamaican men tend to be Very Jealous – Many Jamaican men tend to protective of “their property” if you know what I men. This applies to all men really. But if you lead your Jamaican man to think that another man has a chance of getting with you, when you are already dating him, you are gonna hear about it
  6. Jamaican man can be very Private – Jamaican men are very private when they do not know you. As you guy keep dating, and he is sure he loves you and that you love him, he will open up slowly. This is just Jamaican Culture. 

things jamaican men like in a woman

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