6 tips get rid of a (tension) headache Naturally

  1. tension-headacheShower in hot water – When you shower in hot water, you can allow the hot water to (and I really mean warm to hot) fall directly on your achy muscles. Focus the warm shower water onto your neck and shoulder muscles. This will help the muscles in those areas to relax
  2. Massage your head Lightly – I know this sounds

    weird, but don’t knock it till you try it. Depending on what exactly is causing your headache, sometimes gently massaging the area that is hurting will help to alleviate the pressure. My theory is that massaging the area that is causing you the discomfort in your head helps to stimulate the blood flow in that area. I also theorize that a Headache may just be caused by a lack of blood flow.

  3. Massage your Neck and Shoulder Muscles – Use your hands to provide for you self a deep Neck and Upper shoulder muscle massage. This will help the muscles in that area to relax immediately!
  4. Drink very hot water – This tip is my favorite.

    Drinking very hot water has helped me to get rid of so many headaches. If you have a Mc Donalds in your area, just go to counter and order a small cup of hot water. When you get it drink half of it as hot as you can stand it. I mean hot. Burn your chest after you swallow it hot. In 15 minutes you will start to feel better slowly. After about 1 hour you should be back to your normal self if you are willing to drink the hot water, very hot. If you drink it warm this solution wont work.

  5. Avoid carrying heavy baggage – Many of us today are on the go, self employed and carrying a lot of baggage. Carrying Laptops, purses, gym shoes on our shoulders,  and back can cause tension headaches. So be sure to minimize the amount of luggage you carry per day.
  6. Go #2 – This is the ultimate. You probably will think I making this up. Going #2 is the ultimate in ridding your self of a tension headache. The hot water will help that to happen fast. You may notice your self release air (if you know what I mean) too. After drinking hot water, I think the water acts as a clearance, or a mover for the digestive system…and I was reading a book on Edgar Cayce (the sleeping prophet) and he too linked headaches to the digestive system.

That’s it for me, try these things and let me know if any of them help you.

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