Montego Bay Jamaica: Tourist Review

Montego Bay Jamaica: My Tourist Review

montego bay jamaicaHey guys. In 2012 I traveled to Montego Bay Jamaica. I was not really supposed to do this. but this is just how it happened so I want to share 5 points with you about my experience there.

  • Montego Bay Airport
    Ok. So first things no payphone montegofirst. We got off the plane and there was a long line up to get through customs and out into the Jamaican air. So just be prepared. If you don’t run off the plane, like some passengers, you can expect about a 45 minute wait. I don’t want to just complain so I will say, that the airport is very nice, but they have rules about where you can go if depending on if you are leaving Jamaica or just arriving. In other words you cannot roam freely throughout the entire airport.  There are no pay phones anywhere. I had to tell you that.
  • Cheap Montego Bay /Hotel Motel – When we arrived in Jamaica, it was late hotel gloriannaso, we opted for a Hotel. When I found out the hotels were $300/night, I began asking around for something cheaper. We were recommended to stay at the “Hotel Glorianna.” (seen right) The “Motel” Itself, wasnt the best, but I really like that it was only a 6 minute drive from the airport, and their nightly fees were really great. Within the $50-$70 range.
  • The “Hipstrip” – I ended up enjoying my stay at the Hotel Glorianna for one main reason. Staying in that area of Montego Bay, totally felt like I was back home in Toronto. I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. There were big name brands all around me still, and every thing I needed was within a 10 minute car drive, or a 30 minute walk to downtown.  This area is known as “The Hipstrip.” there was a Harley Davidson store, a strip club called “moods” orjamaica montego bay tobys room “moves”, and even a bar/night club called “Margurita ville” about 5 minute walk from the hotel, and a bank machine downtown too (Scotia Bank). If you do not want to stay in a “dodgy” “motel.” then you can stay down the street at “Sandals” or at another motel called “Tobys Resort.” This is a Toby’s Resort Room>>>
  • The Montego Bay Beaches – the thing  that impressed me the most, during my time in Jamaica, was the beaches. they were so beautiful, with the white sand and crystal clear green/blue waters. Wow. And they are open all night. Can you imagine that? People would go to the beach to hang out, especially couples. I felt so free and at peace at the Montego bay beach near the hotel and it only took about 5 minutes to walk to the small one and about 10 minutes to walk to the bigger one. I Love Jamaica. The Palm trees are gorgeous  too.I think there was a Sandals Hotel in the Same area Too. 
  • What to  do in Montego Bay Jamaica? – Well, In Montego Bay I was doing what I would have been doing in Toronto. I was getting to know the people in the area…telling them I was new and then hearing if they could make me any offers in terms of entertainment. A lot of people in all parts of Jamaica are very friendly with tourists. One night a cab driver offered to take me to club on Tuesday night. I said “h*ll yeah!” Because I wanted to experience a night club outside of what I had been used to which was “Jamaican country.” I had a fantastic time. I don’t recommend you do the same thing though. Only God knows what people are thinking in their heads these days when you are on their territory. If you are looking for things to do  in Montego Bay you can visit the beach, check out the Jamaican food restaurants on the hip strip in the evening. There is a KFC very close to the Air port. If you want to go to a night club, you can go to “Margarita Ville” or you can simply ask around, from what I know there is one downtown that has parties all the time.  I think it is called “Clock Tower “or something, like that. But its best to go there with someone who invites you. Other than that, the “Hotel ” is a great place to meet people because they have a bunch of Taxi drivers that hang out outside waiting for business, they are very friendly and treat you like a friend. Jah bless Jamaica!
  • Safety in Montego Bay Jamaica – It’s pretty safe in Montego Bay safety in jamaica montego bayJamaica. Part of the reason for that was that there were so many other tourists around me…so you will feelcomfortable too. The locals are really friendly. Montego bay is known for being friendly anyway. I met some people there and made some friends. I traveled at night and visited so-called “rough” parts of town. I am home back in Canada now,  and alive to blog about it. If you are thinking of travelling to Jamaica. I recommend Montego bay. There hotels are close to the airport, and the beaches are close to the Hotels, the people are so friendly, and Jamaican people  make you feel like family what more could you ask for?
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Blessed Love. Rastafari.


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