A Warning to those who are Blessed!

pearls before swineLets Face it Jah has blessed some of us with many gifts, talents, prosperity, good looks etc. This bible Verse is a warning to those who are blessed.

Jesus Said “Don’t Cast your Pearls before the Swine.”

The Pearls: Your spiritual gifts, Your Talents, The good things in your life…these are blessings from the Most High.

The Swine: Individuals of a Certain Mindset. These individuals are being used by Satan. Most of the time they do not know it. 

  • Do not understand blessings or God
  • Are Jealous of the accomplishments of others
  • Are unhappy with their own life
  • Carry Satanic Energy of Envy and jealousy

Swine Actions: A swine knows but only a few actions right?

  • To Snort
  • To Wallow in its own filth
  • To Eat
  • To Trample

Keep Silent or Share with those of a Like mind

If you have a blessing, a gift, a spiritual secret… keep it to yourself don’t go casting it (your pearls) before swine who do not understand these things, and therefor will not appreciate you blessing(s). If you want to share you blessings it…perhaps find some people like of a like mind, with similar experience…those who will appreciate it you..or just keep silent about it. 

Blessed. Rastafari.