8 Tips to Kiss a Jamaican

8 Tips to Get a Jamaican to Kiss You
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Jamaican Culture is different from American culture. Kissing from a Jamaican man or a Jamaican womans perspective is different too. I created for you “8 tips to Kiss a Jamaican” for those who are wondering…

  1. Fresh Breath! – Jamaican people have a big “thing” about fresh breath. Be sure when you try to kiss your Jamaican, your breath is very fresh. Use tooth paste to brush your teeth, and chew some gum just before or try that nice minty breath spray.
  2. Daily Hygiene – Jamaicans take proper daily hygiene practices very seriously. If a Jamaican man or a Jamaican woman suspects that you do not practice proper hygiene trust me Nelly…they will not kiss you. So, be sure your shower every day, wear deodorant and do your laundry regularly.
  3. Monogamy – Jamaicans don’t like to think for one second you are “sharing your mouth” with others, and that now you are attempting to “swap” those germs with them through a kiss? No! So, demonstrate that you are the monogamous type, by dating only them if you want a Jamaican to kiss you.
  4. Don’t Push the Issue – If you want to kiss a particular Jamaican, don’t expectjamaican love to do it too early in your courtship. Most Jamaicans like to take their time when it comes to kissing…they see kissing as something that couples do. So, they don’t tend to kiss quickly. So, take time in getting to know your Jamaican, and try to kiss him/her when they seem to be physically comfortable with you.
  5. Expect to do More! – Jamaicans don’t really kiss, for kissing sake. In the mind of many Jamaicans, kissing means…”more is coming.” So, if you are not ready to do more… within the next hour…then no kissing.
  1. A Gentle touch – A Gentle touch lets your Jamaican know that you are attracted to them, and at the same time you respect their personal space not to try to kiss them until they are ready. A Gentle touch also lets your Jamaican man or Jamaican woman know you would like to work your way up to kissing. Try touching them gently on the waist or on the but…your Jamaican will know you expect him/her kiss soon.
  2. Keep your kissing private – Jamaican people are very private about their sensuality. If you want to kiss a Jamaican man or Jamaican woman, do it behind closed doors.
  3. Clean smooth lips – Kissing is very intimate. Jamaicans are big on hygiene as I explained earlier. If you want to kiss a Jamaican, be sure your lips look clean, smooth and “kissing ready.” Use chap stick regularly, to keep your lips smooth and moist at all times, just in case your Jamaican man or Jamaican woman is ready to kiss you when you least expect it.

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