3 Things a Jamaican man must have (part 3)


3 Things a Jamaican man must have!

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A Jamaican man will need these things to a greater or lesser degree, but generally speaking these are 3 things every Jamaican man needs. If he doesn’t have these things…he might become irritated and irrational.

#1 Good Jamaican Food to eat for his body

Good Healthy Jamaican Food is a very important part of a Jamaican man’s best jamaican foodhappiness and health. Without his home cooked Jamaican fuel, He may become cranky and complain of feeling “weak.”. A Jamaican man operates best when he can rest assured he can hang with the other men and know he’s got the strength and stamina that he should as a true Jamaican Warrior. To keep his health at its prime he will need to regularly eat healthy hearty good Jamaican Food.

#2 Intimate time with his woman

jamaican loveGood Healthy Intimate time is at the top of the List for any virile Jamaican man. A Jamaican man likes to feel that he can make a woman happy with his manhood. He also needs to have s*x to balance his mind and make him feel relaxed. Many Jamaican men need to have lots of (relatively speaking) s*x because he somehow feels that having s*x validates him as a man. Not only that, Jamaican men and a woman are like “hand in glove.” A Jamaican man loves the attention and affections of females. This may be the reason why it is so commonly known that many Jamaican men (who live in Jamaica) tend to have “a woman on the side.”

#3 Time with buddies for laughter and reasoning

Many Jamaican men love their time with their male friends. They like to play jamaican men with friendsdominos, sip on some Guinness or some Heineken, and just shoot the breeze. If you want your Jamaican man to be happy, to spend time with his buddies is a must. He may come home late, and “red out” from smoking some good Marijuana, or drunk from all the drinking, but just know, his behavior is normal. The truth is, many Jamaican men, really are just a ” little boy” at heart.

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