10 Rules for Dating a Jamaican man (part 2)

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21 Things About Dating a Jamaican Man (the book)

things jamaican men like in a womanWhen it comes to dating, it is important to begin at a slow pace. Otherwise you two may have to take some steps back. These rules were designed to help you get to know your Jamaican man and to help you get to know what he is all about before you involve your heart. However these “rules are just a guideline” everyone must do what they feel is best for them at any given moment.

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Rule #1 Don’t Show Weakness of Any kind

The Jamaican Culture prides its self on strength and endurance. Your man may expect you to show strength even at times when you don’t feel so strong. Show your Jamaican man who you can handle anything that comes your way. Some situations call for you to hold your head up high, some call for you to stand up for yourself. Some call for you to just keep smiling. Particularly in cases involving other individuals. If at any time you feel weak, don’t show it in public. Wait till you are behind closed doors.

Rule #2 Always have a clean Hoo ha

Everybody knows sometimes hoo has can get a little funky, due to sweat etc. A Jamaican man expects his woman to keep her self clean and fresh at all times. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance in the Jamaican Culture. A poor stinky woman can mean a harsh talking to from your Jamaican King. That time of the month is no excuse either, for a sour smelly “poom poom”. Keep the “poom poom” fresh at all times no matter what. Carry baby wipes in your purse. This makes maintaining a clean and fresh “poom poom” “on the go” a breeze.

Rule #3 Always have fresh breath

A woman with bad breath is pretty yucky. Could you imagine a woman looking pretty from head to toe and she opens her mouth to speak and you want to run away. Don’t let this be you. Hygiene is very important in Jamaican Culture. Bad Breath is a big time “no no.” I carry gum with me at all times.

Rule #4 Don’t let him Mouth off to you

A Jamaican man who mouths off to you is not treating you with the all import “respect,” and he knows it. If your Jamaican man talks to you in a disrespectful manner or tone, don’t say anything back. Remember Jamaicans are “action” oriented people. You can just stay silent and see what he does, or you can abruptly end the conversation you two are engaged in, right in that moment, by abruptly walking away. If he loves you, he will say or do something to try to improve the situation. If he doesn’t care he won’t acknowledge your mood change at all in which case you are better off letting him find another woman to talk down to.

Rule #5 Leave pregnancies for later

Some Jamaican men like to get their girlfriends pregnant very early in to the relationship. If you are just dating, pregnancy should not be a topic of discussion. Take time in getting to know him, and what his plans are for the future, and then decide if the timing and resources for having a baby are right and available.

Rule #6 Tell him what you want

If you want your Jamaican man to do something, or not do something specific, you must tell him plain as day what you want. Don’t worry about him resenting you for your honesty, we Jamaicans don’t believe in that. Make sure he is facing you and looking into your eyes when you are telling him. Some Jamaican men can be a little absent-minded at times, pretending to be engaged in the conversation when they are really thinking of something else at the time. Don’t mince your words with your Jamaican King; tell him very clearly, and specifically, exactly what it is that you want.

Rule #7 Don’t Argue with him or disrespect him in front of others

jamaican man dating

So, let’s say you are the type of woman who tends to lose her temper every now and then. Whatever you do, do not argue with your Jamaican man in front of others, and do not disrespect him in front of others either. These are two really big no nos. What would happen, you might be wondering? Just trust me, don’t do it. You don’t want to know. If you feel yourself losing your cool over something he did or something he said, go outside for a good scream and come back. That should help to alleviate some of the anger.

Rule #8 Show Respect to his family

In Jamaican Culture it is extremely important to show respect to his family when you are just getting to know him and when you enter their home. This means saying Hi and smiling politely, to his Mom and Dad, or Auntie and Uncle, whoever he is introducing you to. In doing so you are saying, I respect your Seniority, I acknowledge your presence, and I understand that I am your guest, I am happy to meet you. Always seem polite and friendly, and easy-going. If you don’t do this, they will never let you live it down, and you will be forever known as “the rude one.”

Rule #9 Don’t be too affectionate or clingy

Don’t be too affectionate or clingy with your Jamaican man around others or in public unless he initiates it. This is especially true around his family members. Showing affection to your man around his family members can be seen as disrespect. Jamaicans tend not to be so publicly affectionate, or sometimes not so privately affectionate. Many Jamaicans prefer to save affection for behind closed doors. Just something to keep in mind.

Rule #10 Always practice Safe Intimacy


As you may already know, many Jamaican men like to have more than one woman. This is more common in Jamaica than it is Abroad. It is important when dating any man to, practice safe intimacy. Just because you are dating, doesn’t mean you are bound to have a long-term relationship. Sometimes couples break up after 3 – 4 dates. this way if he is sleeping with someone else, you will not get any unexpected “gifts”, from one of his other partners…Im just saying.

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