10 Things Jamaican Men Like in a Woman!

10 things Jamaican Men Like in a Woman

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  1. black man white womanJunk in the Trunk! –  Not all… but some Jamaican men like a woman with a little bit of a behind…you know “junk in the trunk!” as it is known. So, if you have a pronounced but, just know Jamaican men find it sexy…Im just saying.
  2. A Woman who can Cook Jamaican food – Jamaican men 20130715-jerk-chicken-final-food-lab-38love to eat Jamaican food. Jamaican men grow up eating these hearty heavy and delicious meals. When he becomes a grown man his body still craves this food. A Jamaican man appreciates it when his woman knows how to cook delicious Jamaican food.
  3. A woman who smells “fresh & Clean” – In Jamaican culture cleanliness is very important. A woman who showers daily, and wears a nice feminine perfume is admired by a lot of Jamaican men. So, brush your teeth regularly, wear deodorant, and be sure to shower as needed, Jamaican men like a woman who keeps her body smelling clean and fresh.
  4. A woman who is mentally strong – Jamaican men like a woman who is mentally strong. Weakness is frowned upon in Jamaican Culture, so be sure to show that you don’t crack under any type of pressure.
  5. A woman who shares – Sharing is such a big part of Jamaican Culture, and a part that many people are unaware of. Jamaican people are very kind. Many Jamaicans will give you the shirt off their back. A woman who shares may be seen as embracing one of the basic principles of Jamaican Culture. If you share, you make your Jamaican man feel more comfortable with you.
  6. A Woman who cares and listens – listening to the feelings of your Jamaican guy is another quality Jamaican men like in a woman. Jamaican men are not just sex objects, or “men” they are also people. A woman who listens and who cares, and is willing to be a pillar of support, is an important to a Jamaican man.
  7. A woman who can keep house – If you are a clean freak, that’s great! If not become one. Jamaican men like a woman who he knows can keep the house clean and in order. Many Jamaican men themselves are raised to do the same, so his standards for house order, will be high. If you don’t know how to do this, just go around people who do, and in time you will learn how to keep house just as well.
  8. A Woman who speaks her mind – Keeping your opinion to your self is almost unheard of in Jamaican Culture. So, don’t think that by not saying whats on your mind, is helping your relationship. Jamaicans just don’t believe in that. A woman who speaks her mind is respected, and strong. So don’t be afraid to speak your mind with your Jamaican man.
  9. A Woman who loves his Mother  – It’s very simple, if you love your Mother, love his Mother too. Many Jamaican men have very close relationships with their Moms. So, if he loves her, just love her too!
  10. A Woman who use “clean” language –  Jamaican men do not like to hear their lady using foul language. It looks bad and shows a lack of self-control. In Jamaican Culture, many Jamaican swear only when they are severely pissed. So, just keep this in mind.
  11. A Woman who knows how to Dance – A Jamaican man will not take jamaican woman dancingyou to the club with him if you cannot dance. So, if you know how to dance, great…your Jamaican man will appreciate this. If not, just “rock” which means to sway back and forth. If you can’t “rock” consider staying home. Jamaicans take dancing and music very seriously…Im just saying.

Long Hair –  Jamaican men like a woman who is feminine in appearance. Whats more feminine than long hair on a female. So, start growing your hair long…your Jamaican guy will adore it.

Love. King Selassie I.

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