Taurus Horoscope May 2014

Love & Relationship

Venus is in your 12th Solar house this month Taurus. This show you may be unsure about a potential love mate or relationship. It may also signify that you are wavering in your feelings towards your love partner.

Uranus is also in the 12th house, this means you may be experiencing a roller coaster ride regarding your own inner feelings and judgements at this time. This planet will be in your 12th for a while.

Luck & Expansion

Jupiter the planet of luck is in your 3rd solar house in Cancer. Your Siblings may be having a new Baby, or you may be getting a new family member someway some how. If you are a writer, or involved in the business of short distance travel you could see an expansion in your business at this time.

Money & Career

Your Solar second house of money has mercury in it. This could indicate that money may be acquired by talking with someone very close to your like a brother or a sister, or by perhaps placing an ad in your local paper about your business. Venus is also one of the markers of money in astrology. Perhaps your money may be acquired at this time through helping others. Perhaps those who are in hospitals, prisons, or monastery.

As far as Career goes your solar 10th house remains unoccupied by planet at this time. But Saturn the “career” planet is in the 8th house of money and inheritance. This has to be a good thing. This could represent working harder and staying late at the office.

Creativity & Change (Online)

You may find yourself procrastinating in your creative pursuits this time. Uranus is in the house of the subconscious, which can cause us to be unsure about things, but can also give us flashes of genius. Because Uranus is in Aries this is a great time to try some creative pursuits independently, in case you have been thinking about doing so for some time. Online pursuits may bring out your hidden self. Be aware of getting involved in secret societies online. This part of your horoscope stays in effect until Uranus moves out of the 12 house. I’ll let you know when that happens.

Identity and Ego

The sun in in your first house dear Taurus. For you this is a time of feeling good and feeling comfortable in your own skin. You could experience some good fortune to do with self image, and your appearance at this time. Try not to develope an inflated ego. A great time to buy a new pair of shoes, or start a new health and fitness regime.


That is your horoscope for May 2014 Taurus. See you in June.

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Good luck.