Gemini Horoscope may 2014

Dear Gemini

Luck and Expansion (Generational)

Jupiter 2nd in Cancer

Jupiter is in your solar second House in Cancer this month. It will remain there for some time.

You may find”luck” in pursuits involving “money” (earnings) and “material possessions,” such as deal on shopping for new items.

This a great time to…take steps to grow and “expand” your earnings. Stocks, bonds and RRSPs may pay off if pursued at this time.

Cancer in the 2nd

Cancer …shows that you may involve family /home in your financial pursuits at this time. This is a good time for selling your home, or going into business with family.

Love & Relationship

Venus is in your 11th solar house in Aries this month.

For those who are single this is a great time to get involved in “Group activities” for singles, in the hopes of meeting someone special. Do not be surprise if you “hook up” with someone older than you expected!

For those in relationship, this is a great time to make plans for the future together as a couple, as the house of hopes dreams and wishes is highlighted by venus, the planet of love.

Sexi”ness” & Energy

Mars in the 5th in Libra

If single, your dating life may be “heating up” as mars is in your solar house of “love affairs.” The 5th house is also the house of “risks” so be cautious with anything having to do with the body at this time. Having mars in Libra means you may be feeling extra energized at this time. Big plus for getting some errands done you have been putting off.

Ego & Identity

Sun 12th Taurus

You may be identifying with deeper than usual emotions. This is likely your subconscious speaking. You may find your self fantasizing and daydreaming, or in a state of “unsureness.” This is normal as the sun moves through the 12 house of the spiritual self, and karma. This is a great time to create some art using your hands, or to write a poem to channel and release those inner feelings.

Emotions & Moodiness

Moon in scorpio 6th house

Your moon is in scorpio in the 6th house. This means youmay be extra sensitive towards animals and pets at this time particularly if they are not well. Over all at this time you are wise and make practical descision. You “feel good” staying focused and busy at this time.