Cancer Horoscope may 2014


Dear Cancer,

Love & Relationship (venus/7th house)

Venus the planet of love and your 7th house of partnership and romantic relationships

Venus is in Aries in your 10th solar house this month Cancer. This could signify dating someone older than you or meeting someone new at work. Because Venus is in Aries it may also mean taking the lead in dating in ways that you wouldnt normally do.

For those in Relationship, this could be a time of solidifying your relationship. Perhaps moving in together, starting a business as a couple, or exchanging each others condo keys.


Luck & Expansion (Jupiter /5th house)

Jupiter planet of luck & your fifth house of “love affairs”

juptiter in the fisrt house i Cacer self image, ego, physical appearance the face

Jupiter the planet of luck is in your solar first house in Cancer. This means you find luck in pursuits invovling your “self image.” This is a great time to start a new fitness regime, or buy your self that amazing outfit that shows off all your sexy spots.

Pay attention not too eat too much food that could expand your waist line. The planet of expansion can do that from this house too.

The moon in your fifth house could indicate a time when you may have your emotions played with romanticly. just know its not you…its just planetary energies.

Jupiter moves very slow so expect pretty much the same forcast for Jupiter for the upcoming months.

Feelings and Emotions (the moon)

Moon the planet of feelings and emotions


This is a great time to express your self “Creatively” as the moon is in your house of creativity in the 5th. The moon signifys where we are most sensitive. This is a great time to write a poem or create some art that experss how we feel . Break out those paints, pens and note pad. Have some fun and Share some of your creations with a friend.

Money & Career (10th house/2nd house)

10th house of career and your 2nd house of money

Your Solar second house of “money” has no planetary activity at this time. However as stated earlier your 10th house is occupied by Venus. In astrology this means the attraction of money from Career or promotion. This may also signify meeting someone special while pursuing career goals. Such as a class or career about your choice of Employment.

This is s good time to ask for a raise or start that new business you have been thinking about.

Identity and Ego (the sun)

1st house of image and physical appearance


The sun in in your first house dear Taurus. This is a time of feeling good and feeling comfortable in your own skin. You could experience some good fortune to do with self image, and your appearance at this time. Try not to develope an inflated ego. A great time to buy a new pair of shoes, or start a new health and fitness regime.

Communication and languages (mercury)

Mercury planet of communication

You may feel like communicating from your self this month. Be mindful not to reveal too much. Your communciation planet is going through the house of your fears and your subonscious. Speak and answer only what you asked. That should do the trick.


That is your horoscope for May 2014 Cancer See you in June.

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Good luck.