8 Reasons Jamaican Women love White men

Ok before you read this I just want you to know none of this is meant to be offensive. I also want you to know I am a BIG, I mean BIG advocate for any black woman to date and marry a white man. So, if I say something ignorant it’s really out of love.

White guys make Jamaican women feel special

White guys like taking Jamaican women out for dinner, buying usjamaican dating little presents for our birthday and anniversaries, kissing us for no reason. Complimenting us out of the blue…White men make Jamaican women feel special. Yay white guys!

White men, are fun to be with intimately

White guys like doing things in the bedroom that are fun and different. Black Jamaican women like this because, it feels good to experiment, and not feel afraid. Plus black women know a white man will not judge us for being sexually experimental.

White guys love holding hands

White guys like holding hands. My white boyfriends seem to love holding hands everywhere we go. I like it because it makes me feel special and beautiful. It also lets me know that he wants to tell the world, “this is my lady.” Aw how cute! By the way a little off topic. I love seeing a white guy and black woman couple. I think they just look so right somehow…maybe its just me.

White men like making plans for the future

White men when in a Relationship with a black Jamaican women like to …
Get married to her…
Move in together…
Have Children…
Go away on Vacation…
When a white man loves a black Jamaican woman, many times, he will make commitments, that show he intends to be in the relationship long-term. Black women like this…a lot.

White men sees “the Queen” in the Jamaican woman

  • White men like a Jamaican woman’s’ dark skin complexionrasta empress
  • White men think Jamaican women are strong and speak what they feel
  • White men think Jamaican women are sexy…

White men see the true beauty and “Royal” spirit of black Jamaican women, and that is priceless, to us!

White men are not afraid of “natural hair”

black woman white manSince I locked my hair I get approached way more by white men than I do black men. They talk to me for no reason at all sometimes. Just to say hi, or ask me how I am doing, or whatever is on their mind. I think my dreadlocks, somehow “push” black men away, because black men don’t want to see a black woman in dreadlocks. But white men are not afraid of my black natural hair. In fact, they embrace and encourage it. That is so cool.

White guys like making love

Black Jamaican women also like white guys cause they know how to make love to Jamaican women, slowly and passionately. Black women like this cause it makes us feel special and loved.

White Guys kiss so gentle

jamaican-woman-marry-a-white-manWhen I first started dating white guys, it was the kiss that got me! It was so soft and so gentle. Wow. So for me…I like the way that White guys kiss. I am sure other Jamaican women like this too.
Blessed. Thanks for reading.

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How to get rid of Period pain (Dysmenorrhea)

What is Dysmenorrhea?

Dysmenorrhea is a debilitating form of menstrual cramps. I suffer from dysmenorrhea, and in my case it is genetic. My Mother and my Sister both had Dysmenorrhea, before they both had children. Now that they have had children, they no longer suffer from Dysmenorrhea. Here are some of the symptoms….

  • Vibrating pain up and down the legs
    Feeling of Nausea
    Loss of Appetite
    Excruciating pain in the Uterus
    Salivating from the mouth
    Hot Flashes
    Lack of focus
  • *Many women who suffer from Dysmenorrhea get some relief from taking a hot bath*

    I have all of these symptoms every time I experience my Dysmenorrhea pain. In 2009, I got fed up with building my life around my period dates and my Dysmenorrhea pain, and hot bathes. I went on-line and starting looking for a long term solution. But before the internet I invested in a book that helped me to manage dysmenorrhea somewhat….

    Vitamins and Minerals do help!!

    I found an amazing book at the bookstore years ago. Its called the Doctors complete guide to vitamins & MInerals. Amazing book. It has a specific page that talks about a combination of Vitamins for Dysmenorrhea pain. It was a large Quantity of Vitamins taken for about 2 weeks, but the results was worth it.

    Get rid of Dysmenorrhea for 3 months?

    So early I mentioned that I got fed up with building my life around my Dysmenorrhea pain, and baths, and Taking Vitamins, and Calendar watches. (phew) Too much for a woman in her 20s. I started searching on-line for a long Term solution to my pain. What I found was the “Depo Provera Shot.” I have been on it for about 3 years, and I am ecstatic!!! There is nothing else in my lifetime that I have tried that has reduced my Dysmenorrhea Systems like the Depo Provera Shot. With the Depo Shot, I am virtually Dysmenorrhea free!!! Seriously My pain was so bad…that when I was sitting in the bath tub surrounded by scalding hot water, to ease the pain in my Uterus….I was praying for God to kill me. Really bad I know….but the pain was unbearable. Now with the depo shot, I rarely get a period, I don’t have to use pads, or tampons, I eat what I want. Because with Dysmenorrhea, many foods would make my pain worse. Depo Provera has literally given me my life back!!! Yay!!!

    Reduce Period Pain by Eliminating certain foods

    Ok. So, not all food but certain food. If your pain is Moderate…try this…it might help to decrease the pain.

    Foods not to eat if you suffer from period pain


    All these foods are the foods that women typically crave during their menstrual cycle, but these food actually increase the pain and discomfort of cramps.

    Vitamin supplements that work

    Powerful Vitamin combo for period pain

    This is a powerful Vitamin combination I made up based on my own experiences with Dysmenorrhea, and taking vitamins for the pain. It should work for you if you have mild to moderate period pain. All of these helped a lot to decrease my Dysmenorrhea pain.


    Take this vitamin combination, Every 2 hours as needed.

    5 Vitamin Combo a 10 days before pain is expected

    B Complex
    Vitamin E
    Vitamin A
    Vitamin B3

    You are supposed to take this combination 3 times a day for 2 weeks 7-10 days before your period is expected. A lot to remember huh?

    I recently could not get my Depo Shot for a number of reasons and that is what inspired my to write this article. After 2+ years without that pain, and feeling the pain building up in my body all over again, I thought, I have to tell other women that there is a solution. I have to tell them about the Depo Shot.

    Women Gain weight on the Depo Shot?

    They say women gain a lot of weight on the Depo Shot. I think I was fat when I first started it, but I have actually lost weight now. Maybe my body got used to it. One girl told me she gain a lot of weight after she stopped taking it. Weird huh? The truth is The Depo Shot can make your body feel very lazy. It has something to do with the Calcium in your bones. Basically the Depo Shot makes your bones hurt and you may not want to move around that much. The Doctors always encourage you to take Calcium. What a difference it makes. My body used to hurt for months. I got fed up with my lack of mobility, and started taking calcium, with about 3 days I started moving around again like normal. So, I think the weight gain is do to the discomfort that Dysmenorrhea can cause to the bones, but it can be overcome by taking calcium supplements which is good for a whole slew of others things. I have notice my skin looking healthier now that I take calcium about every 3 days.

    Happy and living life again

    So, I recently lost enough weight to cross my legs. Thank the Almighty Jah. So the depo shot does not make you gain weight its your food choices. But I was off my depo for 4 weeks, so I hope that is not the reason. I promised my self I will stay off those foods, cause I want to stay slim. Anyway the Depo Provera Shot eliminated my Dysmenorrhea pain. So I am pain free, and free.

    How to Keep a Jamaican Woman Happy

    tumblr_m6zgog0bes1rumewfo1_500Hi guys I am so happy you have come to read my blog post “How to Make a Jamaican woman happy.” I wrote this blog post for men who may be dating or living with a Jamaican woman, but who really have little experience with the culture. Here is a guideline to help you get a long with your Jamaican woman and to make her happy. Blessed.


    Money to Spend!

    Jamaican people in general love to have money to spend. Jamaicans like to wear the latest fashions and they like to look and smell good. If you are dating a Jamaican woman, make sure she has lots of money to spend. You could encourage her to get a great paying Job, or to have her own business, or just give her some of your own cash. We take that too. LoL.

    Let her vent!

    As a Jamaican woman myself, I can tell you, Jamaican women like to vent! Why not. Many people like to dump things on our heads as if we have no feelings. Our men are the one expected to be the “listening ear” for all our problems. Just agree with every thing she says and she will calm down. LOL. It works…My white boyfriend used to do this for me all the time. So, sweet.

    Do not tell a Jamaican woman what to do!

    This is probably #1. Do not tell your Jamaican woman what to do! We do not appreciate this. A Jamaican woman is a natural Warrior and Queen, in her mind there is no one more intelligent, and more special than her. If you want to make her happy keep this in mind. Even if this is not your opinion of her. Just the fact that we are raised to think that way means, this type of thinking is not going anywhere soon.

    Do not “touch” her stuff!

    I included this for those who may have a Jamaican woman in their life but maybe the relationship is not dating, maybe its an in-law. Whatever you do…whoever you are….Do not touch her stuff!…If you do, you will become her instant enemy forever! All Jamaicans are raised the same way, so we all know… “not to touch other people’s things.”

    jamaican woman

    Allow her Jamaican Moments

    Jamaican women are gonna have Jamaican moments. She is going to do things you do not understand. Say things you just do not get, and have a way of thinking that may seem totally Illogical – to you! Allow your Jamaican woman these moments. If she laughs about it, laugh with her, if she seems concerned, create a look of concern on your face too…you get it!!!!

    Tell her when she is wrong

    Here is where the script gets flipped just a little bit. There comes a point in a relationship with a Jamaican woman, where you must tell her the truth – all truths. You see…we Jamaicans believe that if someone loves us, they will always tell us the truth. Even if it means telling her she is wrong about something. If you do have to tell the Jamaican woman in your life that she is wrong about something I have 2 tips, do it in private, and do it gently, and make sure you have spent some quality time together so she knows it is coming from a place of love and not as an “attack”!  Tell her she is wrong, but at the right point, in the right place, and from your heart.

    Give her some great loving!

    Oddly enough because of our Warrior and Queen mentality, a Jamaican woman can go a long time without some loving, but if she does go a long time without it…it better be good when she gets it….otherwise, you will probably hear about it. Jamaican women are not that forward about their sexual feelings, with words or gestures – this is not our culture. What ever our sexual feelings and desires are, we reserve for the right time and the right person. We Jamaican women expect  the loving that we get to be “top-notch” or not at all.

    Jamaican woman 2

    She needs to eat ….Jamaican Food!

    Jamaican people need Jamaican food. It’s just how it is. Jamaican food goes with the Jamaican stomach. When we do not get our own Jamaican food, when we crave it, this can put us (Jamaicans) in a “bad mood.” Jamaican food fills a need that no other food can! We Jamaican warriors, Kings and Queens, need to have Jamaican food. It puts us in a good mood and makes us feel content.

    Jamaican woman’s hair and nails…

    Omg. This is so important. A Jamaican woman’s hair and nails is the most important thing to her regarding her appearance, (if she is age 20-45) She needs to have her hair and nails done! Otherwise she may get cranky. I know this is true for me. When my hair and nails are done, I feel like a Million dollars, and my whole personality changes. When my hair and nails are not done, I don’t care so much to go out, and I am less happy.

    Quiet Time Alone, own space


    I have come to realize that Americans and Jamaicans are different. I as a Jamaican woman, need my quiet time, and I need it alone. This was common in my household growing up, so I assumed everybody lived like this – but we are not! The Jamaican heart and mind is different. We Jamaican women need time alone…to reflect, to read our bible, to relax…we don’t like to talk all the time. So give her space, to just do her own thing, have her alone time. She will let you know when she is recharged and ready to talk/socialize again.

    Listen to your Jamaican womans heart!

    The truth is Jamaican women are tough on the outside but very soft on the inside. We sometimes yell, and complain, because we simply want our feelings and emotions to be heard. Take the time out to listen to your Jamaican woman, and you will see just how quickly, she starts doing things in your favor. Trust me…it works! Check these beautiful Reasons Jamaican men Love White women

    I will try to update this list in the future….because there is a lot of ways to make a Jamaican woman happy. Blessed.

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    8 tips on dating a Jamaican man

    1. Show Respect to for his MotherIn Jamaican Culture respect for the mans Mother is so important. Never be disrespectful, always say “hi,” when you enter her home and make sure to say “bye” when you are leaving. Be sure to buy her a card for her birthday and Mothers day, otherwise you will be considered “rude” and “disrespectful.” Just so you know. If you do these things, you will be praised, and ask about.
    2. Don’t share too much personal information right awaySome jamaican man white womanJamaican men have Negative motives for why they may want your personal information. Just take your time with your stats. If I were you I would just lie to him for the first 3 months, and see where the relationship is going first. I am talking about your real last name, date of birth, and your address. Just take your time. If you were meant to be together you will be together 6 months from now.
    3. Make sure he is sincere – A Jamaican man may take an interest in your for any number of reasons. Only time will tell if he is really interested in your or something you can provide for him. Just keep it in the back of your mind that he may not be sincere, and remember that some Jamaican men love like children…in the moment, loving who ever is around. Just so you know. Read how to become a rasta. 
    4. Give him his space! – This is very important in Jamaican Culture. If you do not give a Jamaican man his space, he can become irritable. You may find him swearing at you and not showing you love, pulling away rather than closer. He just needs his own space and time alone. Many Jamaican women are like this too. Its nothing personal.jamaican-men
    5. Always keep your body fresh & clean! – Wash your a*s please! Jamaican men do not tolerate “dirtyness.”I know certain cultures don’t take it so serious, but to a Jamaican man, cleanliness is well, as they say, “next to Godliness.” Make sure you shower everyday and wash those creases! Yes I said it…creases!
    6. Don’t take his sh*t! – Don’t take crap from him. In fact if your Jamaican man starts dishing out trash talk early, or physical abuse, leave him..! It’s a downward spiral from there…trust me!
    7. Don’t be baby mama #4 – Many women fall so head over heals in love with their Jamaican guy that they think they are somehow different from baby Mama number 3,2, and 1. They think they can change him…they think, I am better than they were…stop kidding your self. Take some time, if he is really meant to be your man, he will be there with our without you becoming baby mama Number 4.
    8. Don’t assume you are “special…” – Just because he has sex with you, introduces you to his Mom, and tells you how much he wants to be with you, don’t assume you are special. A lot of women who are unfamiliar with Jamaican Culture, assume that these things mean you are special. A Jamaican man knows what to say to women, They are blessed in this sense. Take time, test him, know for sure you are special on his list, by how he treats you, is he patient with you? Will he do anything you ask of him? Test him to know!

    Are you dating a Jamaican man living in Jamaica? Do you live abroad? Read 21 things about dating a Jamaican man.
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